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Research Guides

Connecticut Public Acts and Current Orders
Research guides prepared by the Connecticut Judicial Branch law librarians:
  • Rights of Minors in Connecticut
  • Sec. 3. Truancy
  • Sec. 4. School Discipline
  • Sec. 5. Freedom of Speech in Public Schools
  • OLR Research Reports - Office of Legislative Research:

    State Department of Education 2020-2021 School Reopening Plan 2020-R-0187
    Provide an analysis of whether the new COVID-19-related requirements in the State Department of
    Education�s (SDE) school reopening plan released by the governor and the education commissioner
    on June 29, 2020, are supported by state law or other legal authority.

    COVID-19 Executive Orders Affecting Education and Child Care 2020-R-0111
    This report provides brief summaries of the governor�s COVID-19 executive orders concerning education and child care.



    Health, Safety, and Security


    Reforms, Mandates, and Funding

    Sports and Physical Education




    From the Connecticut Network for Legal Aid:

    Pamphlets from the Connecticut Women's Education and Legal Fund:

    Publications from the Connecticut Department of Education:

    Information from Center for Children's Advocacy:

    Publications from the Congressional Research Service:

    Useful Websites

    Connecticut General Statutes

    Selected Statutes:

    Chapter 166 - Teachers and Superintendents

  • Sec. 10-151. Employment of teachers. Definitions. Notice and hearing on failure to renew or termination of contract. Appeal. [Tenure Law]

  • Sec. 10-151a. Access of teacher to supervisory records and reports in personnel file.

  • Sec. 10-151c. Nondisclosure of records of teacher performance and evaluation. Exceptions.

  • Chapter 168 - School Attendance and Employment of Children

  • Sec. 10-184. Duties of parents. School attendance age requirements.

  • Sec. 10-185. Penalty. [Noncompliance with Sec. 10-184]

  • Sec. 10-198a. Policies and procedures concerning truants.

  • Sec. 10-199. Attendance officers. Duties.

  • Sec. 10-200. Habitual truants.

  • Chapter 170 - Boards of Education

  • Sec. 10-233a. Definitions. [Removal, Suspension, Expulsion of Student].

  • Sec. 10-233b. Removal of pupils from class.

  • Sec. 10-233c. Suspension of pupils.

  • Sec. 10-233d. Expulsion of pupils.

  • Sec. 10-233e. Notice as to disciplinary policies and action.

  • Sec. 10-233f. In-school suspension of pupils. Reassignment.

  • Sec. 10-233g. Reports of principals to police authority concerning physical assaults upon school employees by students.

  • Sec. 10-233h. Arrested students. Reports by police, disclosure, confidentiality. Police testimony at expulsion hearings.

  • CT Department of Education Regulations

    Selected Regulations:

    Title 10 - Regulations

    Federal Laws

    Court Decision

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