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  • Guardians Ad Litem - 2013-R-0098
    You asked for a description of the training and oversight of guardians ad litem (GALs) in child neglect and related cases (juvenile court) vs. those in divorce and related cases (family court) and the rationale for these differences. You also asked (1) whether family court GALs have total immunity and, if so, why and (2) why family court GALs do not conform to their state practice guidelines?

  • State Court Oversight of Guardians Ad Litem - 2013-R-0017
    You asked several questions about guardians ad litem (GAL) assigned to represent the best interests of children in divorce and custody matters handled in Connecticut family courts. Your questions are directed at cases where the litigants are not indigent.

  • Guardian Litem Appointments - 2012-R-0416
    You asked several questions about guardian ad litems (GAL) assigned to represent the best interests of indigent children in Connecticut child protection matters. Your specific questions and answers follow.

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Connecticut Public Acts

Connecticut Statutes

Selected Statutes:

Chapter 53 - Claims Against The State

  • Sec. 4-165. Immunity of state officers and employees from personal liability.

Chapter 801b - Probate Court Procedures

  • Sec. 45a-132. Appointment of guardian ad litem for minors and incompetent, undetermined and unborn persons.

Chapter 802h - Protected Persons and Their Property (Probate Court)

  • Sec. 45a-620. Appointment of counsel. Appointment of guardian ad litem to speak on behalf of best interests of minor.

Chapter 815 - Court Proceedings in Family Relations Matters

  • Sec. 46b-12. Orders re appointment of counsel or guardian ad litem for a minor child in family relations matter.

  • Sec. 46b-12c. Motion for removal of counsel or guardian ad litem for a minor child.

Chapter 815j - Dissolution of Marriage, Legal Separation and Annulment

  • Sec. 46b-54. Appointment of counsel or guardian ad litem for a minor children. Duties. Best interests of the child.

  • Sec. 46b-62. Orders for payment of attorney's fees and fees of guardian ad litem in certain actions. Limitations and methodology of calculation.

Chapter 815t - Juvenile Matters:

  • Sec. 46b-120. (Formerly Sec. 51-301). Definitions.

  • Sec. 46b-129a.  Examination by physician, psychiatrist or psychologist. Counsel and guardian ad litem. Testimony. Evidence.

  • Sec. 46b-136. Appointment of attorney to represent child or youth and parent or guardian. Payment for cost of attorney.

Connecticut Practice Book

Selected Sections:

Court Forms

  • Official Court Forms, Connecticut Judicial Branch

    JD-FM-219 - Guardian Ad Litem, Request for Status Conference

    JD-FM-225 - Affidavit of Expenses of Counsel or Guardian Ad Litem for Minor Child or Children

    JD-FM-232 - Periodic Review Worksheet - Fees Charged by Counsel or Guardian Ad Litem

    JD-FM-276 - Complaint Against Guardian Ad Litem/Attorney for Minor Child

    JD-FM-276A - Instructions for Filling Out Complaint Against Guardian Ad Litem/Attorney for Minor Child

    JD-JM-194 - Guardian Ad Litem Request For In-Court Judicial Review (Juvenile Matters)

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