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Connecticut Law About Involuntary Medication
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OLR Research Reports - Office of Legislative Research:

  • Kentucky and Connecticut Laws on Involuntary Treatment for Substance Abuse 2018-R-0311
    Compares Kentucky’s law on involuntary treatment for alcohol or drug abuse (“Casey’s Law”) to Connecticut's law on this issue.
  • Competency to Stand Trial 2017-R-0164 Describe the laws pertaining to competency to stand trial.
    You asked for a concise summary of the law governing the civil commitment of mentally ill children.
  • Updated Report: Involuntary Outpatient Mental Health Treatment Laws 2013-R-0105
    You asked for an update of OLR Report 2011-R-0438, which described involuntary outpatient mental health treatment laws in other states. You want to know how often the states with such laws have invoked them. Finally, you requested information on recent legislative changes to New York's outpatient commitment law.
  • Involuntary Civil Commitment and Patients' Rights 2013-R-0041
    This report provides a summary of the law on involuntary civil commitment of people age 16 and over with mental illness, updating OLR Report 2002-R-0848. This report also briefly describes the rights of patients who are receiving psychiatric care.
  • Medication for Involuntary Committed Mentally Ill People 1999-R-1059 You asked for (1) a description of “Rogers' Law” in Massachusetts and similar laws in New York and Florida; (2) the number of people in Connecticut committed to a state mental health facility for criminal behavior, the number who take medication to control their behavior, and the cost of their treatment; and (3) the cost of confining people in a Department of Correction facility.

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Connecticut Estates Practice: Incapacity, Powers of Attorney and Adoption in Connecticut 3d Edition., by Ralph H. Folsom & Gayle B. Wilhelm

Connecticut Estates Practice: Incapacity, Probate Litigation in Connecticut 3d Edition., by Ralph H. Folsom & Michael P. Kaelin

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Selected Statutes:

 Chapter 319i Persons with Psychiatric Disabilities

Part III - Patients' Rights

  • Sec.17a-540 (Formerly Sec. 17-206a). Definitions

  • Sec.17a-541 (Formerly Sec. 17-206b). Deprivation of Rights of Patient Prohibited. Exception.

  • Sec.17a-542 (Formerly Sec. 17-206c). Humane and Dignified Treatment Required. Formulation of Discharge Plan.

  • Sec.17a-543 (Formerly Sec. 17-206d). Procedures Governing Medication, Treatment, Psychosurgery and Shock Therapy.

  • Sec.17a-544 (Formerly Sec. 17-206e). Placement of Patient in Seclusion or Mechanical Restraint. Medication Not to Be Used as Substitute for Habilitation.

  • Sec.17a-545 (Formerly Sec. 17-206f). Physical and Psychiatric Examinations.

  • Sec.17a-550 (Formerly Sec. 17-206k). Remedies of Aggrieved Persons.

Chapter 801b Probate Court Procedures

Chapter 802h Protected Persons and Their Property

Chapter 815t Juvenile Matters

Chapter 960 Information, Procedure and Bail

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