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Connecticut Law About Liquor
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Useful Information   Connecticut General Statutes

[The Dept. of Consumer Protection, in conjunction with the Liquor Control Commission, licenses all aspects of the liquor industry.]

Liquor Control Division

OLR Research Reports-Office of Legislative Research:

Minors and Alcohol:

Pricing and Taxes:

Laws and Rules: 
  Chapter 545 Intoxicating Liquors

     Liquor Control Act
  • Part I
    Sec.30-1. Definitions
  • Part II - Department of Consumer Protection: Liquor Control
    Sec.30-2. Liquor Control Commission
    Sec.30-6a. Adoption of regulations

  • Part III - Local Option
    Sec. 30-9. Status of towns, as to sale of alcoholic liquor
    Sec  30-10. Vote on liquor permit question

  • Part IV - Permits
    Sec. 30-14. Nature and duration of permit
    Sec 30-20. Package store permits. Grocery store beer permits.
    Sec 30-36. Druggist permit

  • Part V - Prices
    Sec. 30-63. Registration of brands, fees. Posting and notice of prices. Brand registration of fortified wine.

    See Alcoholic Beverage Tax Chapter 220

  • Part VI - Seizures
    Secs.30-69 to 30-73 are repealed.

  • Part VII -Prohibited Acts, Penalties and Procedure
    Sec. 30-74. Unauthorized sale prohibited.
    Sec. 30-77. Disposing of liquor without permit.
    Sec. 30-88a. Operator's license as proof of age.
    Misrepresentation of age to procure liquor.

    Sec. 30-89. Purchasing liquor or making false statement to procure liquor. Possessing liquor by minor on public or private property prohibited; exceptions.
    Sec. 30-91. Hours and days of closing. Exemptions.
    Sec. 30-113. Penalties.

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