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Connecticut Law About Birth and Conception
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  Connecticut Public Acts
Research Guides prepared by the Connecticut Judicial Branch law librarians:

OLR Research Reports - Office of Legislative Research:

  • P.A. 22-19. An Act Concerning the Provision of Protections for Persons Receiving and Providing Reproductive Health Care Services in the State and Access to Reproductive Health Care Services in the State.
  • P.A. 21-15. An Act Concerning Adoption and Implementation of the Connecticut Parentage Act. (Effective January 1, 2022, sections 38 and 39 effective July 1, 2022.)
  • P.A. 13-301. An Act Concerning the Inheritance Rights of a Child Who is Born After the Death of a Married Parent.
    OLR Summary
  • P.A. 11-153. An Act Concerning the Creation of a Replacement Birth Certificate Pursuant to a Gestational Agreement.
    OLR Summary
  • P.A. 07-93. An Act Concerning Artificial Insemination by Donor.
    OLR Summary
  • P.A. 05-196. An Act Concerning Health Insurance Coverage for Infertility Treatment and Procedures.
    OLR Summary

Connecticut General Statutes

Selected Statutes:

Chapter 368a - Department of Public Health

  • Sec. 19a-116. Regulation of facilities which offer abortion services.

Chapter 368y - Abortion

  • Sec. 19a-600.  Definitions
  • Sec. 19a-601. Information and counseling for minors required. Medical emergency exception.
  • Sec. 19a-602. Termination of pregnancy prior to viability. Abortion after viability prohibited; exception.
Chapter 700c - Health Insurance
  • Sec. 38a-509.Mandatory coverage for infertility diagnosis and treatment. Limitations. [Individual health Insurance]
  • Sec. 38a-536. Mandatory coverage for infertility diagnosis and treatment. Limitations. [Group Health Insurance]
Chapter 803a - Children Conceived Through Artificial Insemination
  • Sec. 45a-771. Child born as a result of artificial insemination legitimate
  • Sec. 45a-772. A.I.D. Who may perform. Consent required
  • Sec. 45a-773. Request and consent to be filed in Probate Court. Confidentiality
  • Sec. 45a-774. Status of child born as result of A.I.D.
  • Sec. 45a-775. No rights in donor of sperm
  • Sec. 45a-776. Status of child determined by jurisdiction of birth
  • Sec. 45a-777. Inheritance by child conceived as a result of A.I.D.
  • Sec. 45a-778. Words of inheritance to apply to child conceived through A.I.D.
  • Sec. 45a-779. Status of child conceived through A.I.D., born prior to October 1, 1979

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