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  • Connecticut Employment Law by Pamela J. Moore

    • Chapter 9 - Unemployment Compensation.

  • Labor and Employment in Connecticut: A Guide to Employment Laws, Regulations and Practice (2nd ed.) by Jeffrey L. Hirsch.

    • Sec. 16-5 - Unemployment Compensation

  Selected Statutes:

Title 31 (Most of Chapter 567 is relevant. Selected sections linked below)

  • Sec. 31-227. Payment of benefits. Disqualifying services. Offsets and deductions: Pensions, child support obligations and state, federal and local income taxes.

  • Sec. 31-231a. Total unemployment benefit rate

  • Sec. 31-235. Benefit eligibility conditions; qualifications; involuntary retirees. Reemployment services. Profiling system.

  • Sec. 31-244a. Procedure on appeals; hearings; rules of evidence; record.

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CT Department of Labor Regulations

Unemployment Substantive Regulations

Selected Regulations:   

Connecticut Practice Book

Chapter 22 - Unemployment Compensation

CT Employment Security Appeals Division

Case Law

  • Shah v. Administrator, 114 Conn. App. 170 (2009).
    "If the appellant desires that the findings be corrected, the appellant must, within two weeks of the filing of the record in the Superior Court, file with the board a motion for correction of the findings. Calnan v. Administrator, Unemployment Compensation Act, supra, at 783-84, 686 A.2d 134. The court held that the timely filing of a motion for correction is a necessary prerequisite to a challenge to the board's decision. Id., at 785, 686 A.2d 134. Because the plaintiff failed to comply with that prerequisite, she could not challenge the board's findings on appeal to the Superior Court. Id."


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