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Connecticut Law About Towing and Wreckers
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  Connecticut General Statutes
Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles:

OLR Research Reports - Office of Legislative Research:

Office of Legislative Research reports summarize and analyze the law in effect on the date of each report's publication. Current law may be different from what is discussed in the reports.

  • Tow Truck Warning Light Colors in Other States   - 2023-R-0128 (July 11, 2023) - "Provide information on (1) the color of tow truck warning lights allowed in northeastern states and (2) states that allow light colors other than amber or yellow."

  • Motor Vehicle Towing and Storage Rates and Charges - 2018-R-0310 (December 31, 2018) - "This report (1) discusses state law concerning rates and charges for the nonconsensual towing and transporting of motor vehicles, and for the storage of motor vehicles, and (2) summarizes recent increases to these rates and charges."

  • New Requirements for Vehicle Towers - 2010-R-0385 (October 1, 2010) - "You asked for a description of the new requirements that apply to organizations that tow vehicles on behalf of organizations that accept vehicles under donation programs."

  • Tow Truck Operators - 2002-R-0713 (August 19, 2002) - "You asked for information on the State Police policy as it pertains to hiring wrecker (tow truck) operators. Specifically, you want to know (1) if the department uses a rotation system, (2) who is responsible for the towing bill and salvage of an abandoned vehicle, and (3) whether the towing company gets to keep the salvage value of the abandoned vehicle in lieu of the towing fee. We will address the last two questions in a later report."

  • Towing Vehicles from Private Property - 1999-R-0459 (April 1, 1999) - "You asked what the current statutory requirements are for towing vehicles from private property and if the vehicle owner must get prior notice of the intention to tow or a sign is sufficient."

  • Abandoned and Unregistered Vehicles - 1995-R-0761 (May 8, 1995) - "It appears, based on a reading of Tedeschi and Sutton, that a law allowing the towing of cars not having a valid registration without prior notice would be subject to a constitutional challenge based on the due process clause."

  • Regulation of Tow Truck Operators - 1995-R-1077 (October 11, 1995) - "You asked for an explanation of the current situation regarding state regulation of tow truck operators with respect to what appears to be a federal law preempting state regulation."




  • Towing and Recovery Professionals of Connecticut, Inc. v. Department of Motor Vehicles, 205 Conn. App. 368 (2021). "Section 14-66 (a) (2) provides in relevant part that, '[i]n establishing and amending ... rates and charges, the commissioner may consider factors, including, but not limited to, the [CPI], rates set by other jurisdictions, charges for towing and transporting services provided pursuant to a contract with an automobile club or automobile association ... and rates published in standard service manuals.'"

  • Family Garage, Inc. v. Commissioner of Motor Vehicles, 130 Conn. App. 353 (2011). "The current regulatory scheme pertaining to 'Permitted Charges' for storage and release of stored motor vehicles . . . expressly provides that following a nonconsensual tow, no additional fees shall be charged by the towing service for the release of the vehicle to the owner, Regs., Conn. State Agencies 14-63-36b (2)(G), 14-63-36c (a) and 14-63-36c (e)."

  Selected Statutes:


Chapter 98. Municipal Powers

  • Sec. 7-148(c)(7)(B)(iii). Scope of municipal powers.

Chapter 246. Motor Vehicles

  • Sec. 14-1 (109). Definitions. (Wreckers)

  • Sec. 14-36i. Seizure and forty-eight-hour suspension of operator's license of person who is sixteen or seventeen years of age for certain violations.

  • Sec. 14-66. Wreckers. Towing and transporting. Distinguishing number plates. Penalties.

  • Sec. 14-66a. Regulations.

  • Sec. 14-66b. Operators of wrecker services to maintain records.

  • Sec. 14-66c. Sale or disposal of motorized personal property. Penalty.

  • Sec. 14-145. Towing or removal of motor vehicle from private property. Use of a wheel-locking device. Regulations. Prohibition re issuance of parking citation. Exemption. Penalty.

  • Sec. 14-145a. Towing, removal or use of wheel-locking device prohibited except upon express instruction of property owner or lessee or for repossession. Rebate prohibited.

  • Sec. 14-145b. Storage and release of motor vehicles that have been towed or rendered immovable.

  • Sec. 14-145c. Liability of property owner, lessee or lending institution for improper towing or removal of motor vehicle or use of a wheel-locking device.

  • Sec. 14-150. Abandoned or unregistered motor vehicles and motor vehicles which are a menace to traffic. Notice. Removal. Storage. Hearing. Lien. Affidavit of compliance. Sale. Regulations re title to abandoned motor vehicles and re disposal of motor homes or recreational vehicles abandoned at campgrounds.

Chapter 248. Vehicle Highway Use

  • Sec. 14-262a. Towing or hauling of vehicles in excess of certain limits and federal requirements.

  • Sec. 14-262b. Permits for operating or towing mobile homes. Width and length of vehicles. Regulations.

  • Sec. 14-262d. Permits for vehicles transporting mobile homes, modular homes, house trailers or sectional houses.

  • Sec. 14-270. Permits for nonconforming vehicles. Regulations. Penalities.

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Connecticut Regulations

Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles

14-63-34 to 14-63-37b - Fees to be Charged by Wrecker Services for Storage and Release of Stored Motor Vehicles - Standards for Rates for Nonconsensual Towing or Transporting

Sec. 14-63-34. Wrecker service defined: Definitions

Sec. 14-63-35. Filing of certain information

Sec. 14-63-36. Computation of storage charges

Sec. 14-63-36a. Approved rates and charges

Sec. 14-63-36b. Definitions

Sec. 14-63-36c. Permitted charges

Sec. 14-63-37a. Release of towed vehicles

Sec. 14-63-37b. Emergency access to stored vehicles


Sec. 14-66-1. Identification of Motor Vehicle Wreckers


14-137-107 to 14-137-109 - Notice to Owners and Lienholders of Motor Vehicles Upon Nonconsensual Tow of Motor Vehicles from Private Property, and Notice Upon Sale or Other Disposition


Sec. 14-137-107. Definitions

Sec. 14-137-108. Notice to police and owner concerning non-consensual tow of a motor vehicle from private property, and notice upon sale or disposition

Sec. 14-137-109. Value of motor vehicle


14-150-1 to 14-150-5 - Hearings Procedures for Motor Vehicles Taken into Custody Pursuant to Section 14-150


Sec. 14-150-1. Definitions

Sec. 14-150-2. Qualifications, appointment and removal of hearing officers

Sec. 14-150-3. Hearing procedures

Sec. 14-150-4. Final decision

Sec. 14-150-5. Report of sale of an unclaimed motor vehicle


14-150-6 to 14-150-9 - Towers Acquiring Title to Abandoned Towed Motor Vehicles


Sec. 14-150-6. Towers in compliance

Sec. 14-150-7. Issuance of certificate of title

Sec. 14-150-8. Value of vehicle; issuance of certificate of title

Sec. 14-150-9. Acquired title to abandoned motor vehicle


14-307-1 to 14-307-8 - Notice Required to Owners and Lienholders of Motor Vehicles Upon Towing by Police or Traffic Authority and Upon Sale or Other Disposition of Motor Vehicles


Sec. 14-307-1. Definitions

Sec. 14-307-2. Notice to owner and lienholders upon nonconsensual tow

Sec. 14-307-3. Opportunity for hearing

Sec. 14-307-4. Lien by tower or storage facility

Sec. 14-307-5. Sale or other disposition of unclaimed vehicle

Sec. 14-307-6. Provision of notice of sale to lienholders of record

Sec. 14-307-7. Provision of owner and lienholder information

Sec. 14-307-8. Value of motor vehicle

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Federal Regulations

Code of Federal Regulations

Title 23. Highways

Subchapter G. Engineering and Traffic Operations

Part 658. Truck Size and Weight, Route Designations - Length, Width and Weight Limitations

658.5. Definitions

658.17. Weight


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