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  • The Complete IEP Guide: How to Advocate for Your Special Ed Child / by Lawrence M. Siegal. Berkeley: Nolo Press

  • The Law of Special Education / by Margaret C. Jasper. Dobbs Ferry, NY: Oceana Publications

  • Special Education is Not a Place: an Advocacy Guide for Parents and Students. [Hartford, CT]: State of Connecticut Office of Protection and Advocacy for Persons with Disabilities, c 2002

  • Wrightslaw: Special Education Law / by Peter W.D. Wright & Pamela Darr Wright. Hartfield, VA: Harbor House Law Press, c1999

  • A Practical Guide to Connecticut School Law 9d / by Thomas B. Mooney. Wethersfield, CT: CABE, Inc., c 2018

  • Education Law / by James A. Rapp. Matthew Bender

  • Education Law / by Ronna Greff Schneider. Thomson Reuters

  • Representing the Child Client / by Michael J. Dale et al. Matthew Bender

  Selected Statutes:

Chapter 164. Educational Opportunities

  • Sec. 10-66r. Regional model for provision of special education services re transportation, training and therapeutic services

  • Sec. 10-66s. Survey re special education services and programs

  • Sec. 10-74m. Department to enter into memoranda of understanding with other state agencies re provision of special education services

  • Sec. 10-76a. Definitions

  • Sec. 10-76b. State supervision of special education programs and services. Regulations. Coordinating agency

  • Sec. 10-76c. Receipt and use of money and personal property

  • Sec. 10-76d. Duties and powers of boards of education to provide special education programs and services. Medicaid enrollment, participation and billing requirements. Development of individualized education program. Planning and placement team meetings. Public agency placements; apportionment of costs. Relationship of insurance to special education costs

  • Sec. 10-76e. School construction grant for cooperative regional special education facilities

  • Sec. 10-76f. Definition of terms used in formula for state aid for special education

  • Sec. 10-76g. State aid for special education

  • Sec. 10-76h. Special education hearing and review procedure. Mediation of disputes

  • Sec. 10-76i. Advisory Council for Special Education

  • Sec. 10-76m. Auditing of claims for special education assistance

  • Sec. 10-76n. Special Education Resource Center

  • Sec. 10-76q. Special education at technical education and career schools

  • Sec. 10-76dd. Special education supervisory personnel

  • Sec. 10-76ee. Administrative representative required for planning and placement team meetings

  • Sec. 10-76ff. Procedures for determining if a child requires special education

  • Sec. 10-76gg. Information on race, ethnicity and disability category of children requiring special education

  • Sec. 10-76hh. Prohibition on deduction of Medicaid reimbursement in determination of grant payments

  • Sec. 10-76ii. Provision of applied behavior analysis services

  • Sec. 10-76jj. Language and communication plans for child identified as deaf or hard of hearing

  • Sec. 10-76kk. Disproportionate or inappropriate identification of minority students or English language learners requiring special education. Report. Study.

  • Sec. 10-76ll. Bill of rights for parents of children receiving special education services

  • Sec. 10-76mm. Development of individualized education program form

  • Sec. 10-76nn. Individualized Education Program Advisory Council

  • Sec. 10-91g. Audits of private providers of special education services

  • Sec. 10-91h. Boards of education to provide information for purpose of audits of private providers of special education services. Audits of boards of education

  • Sec. 10-91i. Private providers of special education services to submit to audits

  • Sec. 10-91j. Agreements and contracts between boards of education and private providers of special education services

  • Sec. 10-91k. Standards and process for the documentation of provision of special education services by private providers of special education services

  • Sec. 10-91l. Submission of operating budgets of private providers of special education services

  • Sec. 10-92a. Use of supplemental resources for children not eligible for special education

  • Sec. 10-92b. Department to provide complete and accurate information re special education programs and services

Chapter 166. Teachers and Superintendents

  • Sec. 10-145a. Specific components of teacher preparation programs

  • Sec. 10-145b. Teaching certificates

  • Sec. 10-145d. State board regulations for teacher certificates. Certification of school business administrators . . . Applicability of elementary education and comprehensive special education endorsements to certain grade levels

  • Sec. 10-158a. Cooperative arrangements among towns. School building projects. Student transportation

Chapter 168. School Attendance and Employment of Children

  • Sec. 10-184a. Special education programs or services for children educated in a home or private school

Chapter 170. Boards of Education

  • Sec. 10-220m. Review of transportation arrangements of special needs students

  • Sec. 10-221d. Criminal history and child abuse and neglect registry records checks of applicants and employees of eligible school operators. Termination or dismissal. Fingerprinting. Availability of information re applicant's history

  • Sec. 10-233d. Expulsion of pupils

  • Sec. 10-236b. Physical restraint and seclusion of students by school employees

Chapter 172. Support of Public Schools. Transportation

  • Sec. 10-253. School privileges for children in certain placements, nonresident children, children in temporary shelters, homeless children and children in juvenile detention facilities. Liaison to facilitate transitions between school districts and juvenile and criminal justice systems

  • Sec. 10-264l. Grants for the operation of interdistrict magnet school programs. Transportation. Enrollment of students; notice. Special education; Section 504 plans. Financial audits. Tuition

  • Sec. 10-266aa. State-wide interdistrict public school attendance program

Chapter 179a. State Education Resource Center

  • Sec. 10-357g. Calendar re special education learning and training opportunities

Chapter 319. Department of Children and Families

  • Sec. 17a-14. Completion of special education programs permitted. Payment by Commissioner of Mental Health and Addiction Services

Chapter 319v. Medical Assistance

  • Sec. 17b-221b. Federal matching funds for special-education-related services. Portion to be used for Medicaid claims

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Connecticut Regulations

Department of Education

10-76-1 to 10-76l-1 - Children Requiring Special Education

Section 10-76a: Definitions

Section 10-76b: Administration and supervision. Use of Seclusion and Restraint in public School.

Section 10-76d: Conditions of instruction

Section 10-76h: Due process

Click on the link to search the full-text of the regulations:

U. S. Code

Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA)

Title 20 - Education

Chapter 33. Education of Individuals with Disabilities

Subchapter 1. General provisions


Subchapter 2. Assistance for Education of All Children with Disabilities


Subchapter 3. Infants and Toddlers With Disabilities


Subchapter 4. National Activities to Improve Education of Children With Disabilities



Federal Regulations

Code of Federal Regulations

Title 34. Education

Subtitle B. Regulations of the Offices of the Department of Education

Chapter III. Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services, Dept. of Education

Part 300. Assistance to States for the Education of Children With Disabilities

Part 303. Early Intervention Program for Infants and Toddlers With Disabilities

Part 304. Service Obligations Under Special Education - Personnel Development


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