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Connecticut Law About Recusal (Disqualification of Judicial Authority)
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  • Judicial Disqualification: Recusal and Disqualification of Judges by Richard E. Flamm 2nd Edition

  • Recusal and Disqualification of Judges: For Cause Motions, Preemptory Challenges, and Appeals by Richard E. Flamm
    • Sec. 51-39. Disqualification by relationship or interest. Judge or family support magistrate may act with consent of parties.

    • Sec. 51-51s. Disqualification of judge, compensation commissioner or family support magistrate.

    • Sec. 51-183. Substitute judge.

    • Sec. 51-183a. Judges inability to hold court.

    • Sec. 51-183c. Same judge not to preside at new trial.

    • Sec. 51-183d. Disqualified judge; proceedings not void.

    • Sec. 51-183f. Expiration of term, disability retirement, death or resignation of judge.

    • Sec. 52-268. New trial when judge, stenographer or court reporter dies or becomes incapacitated and review of errors not possible.

    Connecticut Practice Book

    • Canon 2.11. Disqualification.

    • Sec. 1-22. Disqualification of Judicial Authority

    • Sec. 1-23. Motion for Disqualification of Judicial Authority

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