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Connecticut Law About Quarantine (Public Health)
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 Official Connecticut Probate Court Forms

Connecticut Probate Court 

  • PC 9011 (Rev. 7/19)  Appeal of Order of Isolation, Quarantine or Vaccination


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Connecticut Department of Public Health

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention


Selected statutes:

Chapter 368a  - Department of Public Health

  • Sec. 19a-131b. Orders of quarantine or isolation. Appeal of order. Hearing.

  • Sec.19a-131c. Enforcement of order of quarantine or isolation. 

  • Sec. 19a-131d. Entry into quarantine or isolation premises.

  • Sec. 19a-221. Order of quarantine or isolation of certain persons. Appeal of order. Hearing.

  Connecticut Regulations

Connecticut Agencies Regs., section 19a-36-A1 et seq.

  • 19a-36-A17. Observance of quarantine and instructions.
  • 19a-36-A18. Control of quarantine area.
  • 19a-36-A19. Duty of local director of health to quarantined persons in need.

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