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Connecticut Law About Adverse Possession
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  Connecticut General Statutes
OLR Research Reports - Office of Legislative Research:
  • Adverse Possession - 2006-R-0032
    You asked what is the current law regarding adverse possession, how has it changed during the past 10 years, and what the law is elsewhere.

Library Materials

  • Neighbor Law: Fences, Trees, Boundaries & Noise by Cora Jordan - 8th Edition

    • Chapter 10 - Using Another's Land: Trespass and Easements  

  • 16 Powell on Real Property

    • Chapter 91. Adverse Possession

  • Edward G. Mascolo, A Primer on Adverse Possession, 66 Conn. B.J. 303, 319-20 (1992)

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Selected Statutes:

Chapter 821. Land Titles

  • Sec. 47-21. Deeds of land by persons ousted of possession, void.

  • Sec. 47-25. Right to light not gained by adverse possession.

  • Sec. 47-26. No right to railroad, railway or canal land by adverse possession.

  • Sec. 47-27. Title by adverse possession by or against railroad or street railway corporation, against nonprofit land-holding organization or against investor-owned water company.

  • Sec. 47-31. Action to settle title or claim interest in real or personal property.

Chapter 926. Statute of Limitations

  • Sec. 52-575. Entry upon land to be made within fifteen years.

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Connecticut Public Acts

  • P.A. 96-249 - An Act Concerning the Land Bank and Land Trust Program, The Conveyance of Certain Parcels of State Land and Adverse Possession

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