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Connecticut Law About Pedestrians (Crosswalks)
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Chapter 249 Traffic Control and Highway Safety

  • Sec. 7-118a. Curbs and sidewalks to be designed with cuts at pedestrian crosswalks.
  • Sec. 14-286. Use of bicycles, motor-driven cycles and high-mileage vehicles.
  • Sec. 14-297(2). Crosswalk defined.
  • Sec. 14-299 (4),(5). Traffic control signals. Right turn on red.
  • Sec. 14-300. Crosswalks. Pedestrian-control signals. Regulation of pedestrians and motor vehicles at crosswalks. Pedestrians who are blind or have guide dogs.
  • Sec. 14-300a. Pedestrian street markings near housing projects for elderly persons.
  • Sec. 14-300b. Pedestrian use of crosswalks and roadways.
  • Sec. 14-300c. Pedestrian use of roads and sidewalks. Required to yield to emergency vehicle.
  • Sec. 14-300d. Operator of a vehicle required to exercise due care to avoid pedestrian.
  • Sec. 14-300e. Application of pedestrian rights to solicitation of rides in a motor vehicle and walking on limited access highways.
  • Sec. 14-300f. Vehicles to stop for school crossing guard. Penalties.
  • Sec. 14-307a. Pedestrian safety zones. Regulations.
  • Sec. 53-182. Use of highways by pedestrians.


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