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Connecticut Law About Municipal Taxes
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Connecticut General Statutes

Selected statutes:

Chapter 98  Municipal Powers

Chapter 203 Property Tax Assessment

  • Sec. 12-40. Notice requiring declaration of personal property.

  • Sec. 12-41. Filing of declaration.

  • Sec. 12-43. Property of nonresidents.

  • Sec. 12-71. Personal property subject to tax. Computer software not subject to tax. Determination of situs of motor vehicles and snowmobiles for tax purposes. 

  • Sec. 12-71b. Taxation of motor vehicles not registered on the assessment date. Assessment procedure. Tax due date. 

  • Sec. 12-71e. Motor vehicle mill rate.

Chapter 204 Local Levy and Collection of Taxes

  • Sec. 12-122a. Uniform city-wide mill rate for taxation of motor vehicles.

  • Sec. 12-132. Form and tax warrant.

  • Sec. 12-135. Execution of tax warrant. Collection by successor of collector.   

  • Sec. 12-141. Collection of taxes: Definitions.

  • Sec. 12-146. Delinquent tax or installment. Interest. Waiver of interest.

  • Sec. 12-157Method of selling real estate for taxes.

  • Sec. 12-161. Collection by suit.

  • Sec. 12-163. Jeopardy collection of taxes. Written notice.

  • Sec. 12-164. Tax uncollectible after fifteen years. Interest on improvement liens.

Chapter 205 Municipal Tax Liens

Chapter 246 Motor Vehicles

  • Sec. 14-33. Renewal of registration denied for failure to pay motor vehicle property tax or fines for parking violations. Collection of delinquent property tax by commissioner. Issuance of temporary registrations by city, town, borough, or other taxing district.

  • Sec. 14-163. Commissioner to provide lists of motor vehicle and snowmobile owners to town assessors. Disclosure by assessor or tax collector prohibited.


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