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Connecticut Law About Driving Too Fast
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Research Guides and Information

Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles:
  • Driver's Manuals (includes Commercial Driver's License and Motorcycle Operator's Manuals)

Connecticut Judicial Branch:

Civil Jury Instructions:

3.7 Automobile

  • 3.7-1 Statutory Negligence - Reckless Driving

  • 3.7-2 Statutory Negligence - Speeding

  • 3.7-3 Statutory Negligence - Traveling Unreasonably Fast

  • 3.7-4 Statutory Negligence - Slow Speed

  • 3.7-5 Statutory Negligence - Passing

  • 3.7-6 Statutory Negligence - Left Turn

  • 3.7-7 Statutory Negligence - Right of Way at Intersections

  • 3.7-8 Statutory Negligence - Lights

  • 3.7-9 Statutory Negligence - Unsafe Tires

  • 3.7-10 Statutory Negligence - Brakes

  • 3.7-11 Statutory Negligence - Failing to Drive a Reasonable Distance Apart

  • 3.7-12 Statutory Negligence - Driving in Right-Hand Lane

  • 3.7-12A Statutory Negligence - Driving in Right-Hand Lane - Slow Speed

  • 3.7-13 Statutory Negligence - Falling Asleep While Driving

  • 3.7-14 Negligence - Un/Under-Insured Motorist

  • 3.7-15 Right to Assume that Others Will Obey the Law

  • 3.7-16 Lookout

  • 3.7-17 Failure to Sound Horn

  • 3.7-18 Sudden Emergency

  • 3.7-19 Family Car Doctrine - General Statutes Sec. 52-182

  • 3.7-20 Presumption of Agency - General Statutes Sec. 52-183

Office of the State Traffic Administration (OSTA):

OLR Research Reports - Office of Legislative Research:


Connecticut Regulations

Selected Regulations:

Connecticut General Statutes

Selected Statutes:

Chapter 246. Motor Vehicles

Chapter 248. Vehicle Highway Use

  • Sec. 14-212. Definitions.
  • Sec. 14-212a. Highway and municipal road construction zones, utility work zones, traffic incident management zones and fire station work zones. Fines.

  • Sec. 14-212b. School zones. Fines doubled.

  • Sec. 14-218a. Traveling unreasonably fast. Establishment of speed limits.

  • Sec. 14-219. Speeding.

  • Sec. 14-219c. Use of speed monitoring devices to support a conviction.

  • Sec. 14-220. Slow speed.

  • Sec. 14-222. Reckless driving.

  • Sec. 14-224. Evasion of responsibility in operation of motor vehicles. Racing. Required removal of motor vehicle from traveled portion of highway. Impoundment or fine.

  • Sec. 14-232. Passing.

  • Sec. 14-240. Vehicles to be driven reasonable distance apart. Exceptions. Operation of platoon.

  • Sec. 14-240a. Vehicles to be driven reasonable distance apart. Intent to harass or intimidate.

  • Sec. 14-295.  Double or treble damages for personal injury or property damage resulting from certain traffic violations.

Chapter 881b. Infractions of the Law

  • Sec. 51-164n. Procedure upon summons for infraction or certain violations. Payment by mail. Procedure at trial.

  • Sec. 51-164r. Failure to pay or plead.

Chapter 882. Superior Court

  • Sec. 51-193u. Hearing of violations and infractions by magistrate. Authority of magistrate decision. Demand for trial de novo.


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