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Connecticut Law About Wrongful Discharge from Employment
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Connecticut Judicial Branch:

Civil Jury Instructions -
3.14 Employment Actions

  • 3.14-1 Discriminatory Employment Practices - General Statutes 46a-60
  • 3.14-2 Promissory Estoppel

  • 3.14-3 Wrongful Discharge

  • 3.14-4 Fraudulent/Intentional Misrepresentation

  • 3.14-5 Discharge in Violation of General Statutes 31-51m, Whistleblower Statute

  • 3.14-6 Retaliatory Discharge in Violation of General Statutes 31-290a

  • 3.14-7 Wrongful Termination in Violation of General Statutes � 31-51q - Freedom of Speech

  • 3.14-8 Suarez Exception to Workers' Compensation

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  • Connecticut Whistleblower Laws - 2022-R-0005
    Summarize Connecticut's whistleblower laws.

  • Felony Convictions and Employment - 2021-R-0049
    Describe the consequences of a felony conviction on employment

  • Employment Termination Notices - 2014-R-0032
    Does the law require an employer to provide an employment termination notice to an employee separating from employment?

  • At-Will Employment - 2001-R-0246
    You asked for background information about at-will employment in Connecticut and other states. You also asked whether any state has adopted an alternative approach.

  • At-Will Employment - 2001-R-0612
    You asked how Connecticut's employee termination laws compare with those of other states.

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Connecticut General Statutes

Selected Statutes:
  • Sec. 28-17. Employees not to be discharged for civil preparedness activity or eligibility for induction.
  • Sec. 31-40t. Employee's right to act in case of hazardous conditions. Complaints to and investigations by Labor Commissioner. Hearings. Regulations.

  • Sec. 31-51m. Protection of employee who discloses employer's illegal activities or unethical practices. Civil action.

  • Sec. 31-51q. Liability of employer for discipline or discharge of employee on account of employee's exercise of certain constitutional rights.

  • Sec. 31-290a. Discharge or discrimination prohibited. Right of action.

  • Sec. 46a-60. (Formerly Sec. 31-126). Discriminatory employment practices prohibited.

  • Sec. 46a-82. [CHRO] Complaint: Filing.

  • Sec. 51-247a. Employer not to discharge employee for jury service. Penalty. Action for recovery of wages and reinstatement. Liability of employer for failure to compensate juror-employee.

  • Sec. 54-85b. Employment protection for witnesses and victims of crime. Penalty. Action for damages and reinstatement.

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