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Connecticut Law About Death of a Party in a Civil Action
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  Connecticut General Statutes

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Library Materials

  • 2 Joel M. Kaye & Wayne D. Effron, Connecticut Practice Series, Civil Practice Forms, 4th ed. (2004).
    • Form 106.8. Motion of administrator or executor to be substituted as party

    • Form 106.9. Motion to substitute administrator or executor as party

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Selected statutes:

Chapter 897. Parties and Appearance

  • Sec. 52-78. Joinder of executor or administrator for a deceased joint contractor.

Chapter 926. Statute of Limitations

  • Sec. 52-592. Accidental failure of suit; allowance of new action.

Chapter 927. Survival of Actions

  • Sec. 52-599. Survival of cause of action. Continuation by or against executor or administrator.

  • Sec. 52-600. Death of coplaintiff or codefendant.

  • Sec. 52-601. Entry by successor of deceased executor or administrator.

  • Sec. 52-602. Entry by successor of public officer or trustee.

  • Sec. 52-603. Action by successor of public officer.

Connecticut Practice Book

Selected court rules:

Chapter 9 - Parties

  • Sec. 9-12. Personal Representatives of [deceased] Co-contractor

  • Sec. 9-22. Motion to Cite in New Parties

Chapter 11 - Motions, Request, Orders of Notice, and Short Calendar

  • Sec. 11-10. Requirement that Memorandum of Law Be Filed with Certain Motions

Chapter 62 - Chief Judge, Appellate Clerk and Docket: General Administrative Matters

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