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Connecticut Law About Criminal Penalties
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Connecticut General Statutes

Selected Statutes:

  • Chapter 952. Penal Code: Offenses 

  • Sec. 53a-35. Imprisonment for any felony committed prior to July 1, 1981: Indeterminate sentences; maximum and minimum terms.

  • Sec. 53a-35a. Imprisonment for felony committed on or after July 1, 1981. Definite sentence. Authorized term. 

  • Sec. 53a-35b. "Life Imprisonment" Defined. 

  • Sec. 53a-36. 53a-36. Imprisonment for misdemeanor. Definite sentence. Authorized term. 

  • Sec. 53a-40. Persistent offenders: Definitions; defense; authorized sentences; procedure. 

  • Sec. 53a-41. Fines for Felonies.  

  • Sec. 53a-42. Fines for Misdemeanors. 

  • Sec. 53a-43. Fines for Violations.

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