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Condominium Meetings and Elections During COVID-19 Pandemic - 2020-R-0143
Summarize the governor's executive order and related requirements in state law on condominiums
and other common interest community associations conducting remote meetings and elections
during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Board of Directors


Common Charges and Fines


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Library Materials

The Judicial Branch law libraries hold a number of items that may be helpful when researching condominium law. Contact your local law library to determine the currency of the materials below, or click on the titles to go to our catalog records, which show the libraries that own these titles.

  • Condominium Law and Practice, by Patrick J. Rohan and Melvin A. Reskin.

  • The Law of Condominium Operations, by Gary A. Poliakoff.

  • Powell on Real Property

    • Chapter 54A - The Operation of Common Interest Communities.

  • Restatement of the Law (third), Property: Servitudes

    • Chapter 6: Common Interest Ownership

  • Uniform Laws Annotated.

    • Volume 7, Part I - Uniform Common Interest Ownership Act, Page 835 et seq.

  • West's Legal Forms

    • Volume 22, Chapter 40: Condominiums.

    • Volume 23, Chapter 43: Operation of Condominiums and Homeowner Associations.

See also:

  • Am Jur 2d - Condominiums and Cooperative Apartments, volume 15A.

  • American Law Reports (ALR) Index - Condominiums and Cooperative Apartments.

  • Index entries for "condominiums" for...

    • Am Jur Trials

    • Causes of Action

    • Proof of Facts

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Connecticut General Statutes

Selected Statutes:

Chapter 400b - Community Association Managers

Chapter 828 - Common Interest Ownership Act

Part I - General Provisions and Applicability

Part II - Creation, Alteration and Termination of Common Interest Communities

Part III - Management of Common Interest Communities

Part IV - Protection of Purchasers

Part V - Common Interest Communities Containing Conversion Buildings

Chapter 825 - Condominium Act

Chapter 825 - Unit Ownership Act (Revised to 1975) (PDF)
Note: The Unit Ownership Act is not published in the current statutes, but it governs condominiums created before 1977.

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