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Connecticut Law About Commitment (Voluntary/Involuntary)
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  • Chapter 1 Commitments and Placements

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  Selected Statutes:

 Chapter 319i Persons with Psychiatric Disabilities

Part II  - Commitment. General Provisions:

  • Sec.17a-497 (Formerly Sec. 17-177). Commitment Jurisdiction. Application. Appointment of three-judge court.
  • Sec.17a-498 (Formerly Sec. 17-178). Hearing on Commitment Application. Notice. Rights of Respondent.  Examination by Physicians.  Order of Commitment. Election of Voluntary Status Prior to Adjudication.  Review of Confinement.

  • Sec.17a-502 (Formerly Sec. 17-183). Commitment Under Emergency Certificate. Examination of Patient. Explanation of Rights. Hearing. Private Hospitals' Notification to Commissioner. Immediate Discharge of Patient. Notification of Next of Kin. Prohibited Commitments to Chronic Disease Hospitals.

  • Sec.17a-503 (Formerly Sec. 17-183a). Detention by Police Officer Prior to Commitment. Issuance of Emergency Certificates by Psychologist, Certain Clinical Social Workers and Advanced Practice Registered Nurses and in Correctional Facilities.

  • Sec.17a-506 (Formerly Sec. 17-187). Voluntary Admissions. Notification of Next of Kin. Restriction on Right to Leave. Commitment Proceedings. Continuation of Confinement. Probable Cause Hearing.

  • Sec.17a-510 (Formerly Sec. 17-192). Release or Transfer; Procedure.

  • Sec. 17a-528. (Formerly Sec. 17-205a). Payment of Commitment and Transportation Expenses.

Part III - Patients' Rights

  • Sec.17a-540 (Formerly Sec. 17-206a). Definitions

  • Sec.17a-541 (Formerly Sec. 17-206b). Deprivation of Rights of Patient Prohibited. Exception.

  • Sec.17a-542 (Formerly Sec. 17-206c). Humane and Dignified Treatment Required. Formulation of Discharge Plan.

  • Sec.17a-543 (Formerly Sec. 17-206d). Procedures Governing Medication, Treatment, Psychosurgery and Shock Therapy.

  • Sec.17a-544 (Formerly Sec. 17-206e). Placement of Patient in Seclusion or Mechanical Restraint. Medication Not to Be Used as Substitute for Habilitation.

  • Sec.17a-545 (Formerly Sec. 17-206f). Physical and Psychiatric Examinations.

  • Sec.17a-546 (Formerly Sec. 17-206g). Communication by Mail and Telephone.

  • Sec.17a-547 (Formerly Sec. 17-206h). Visitors. Restrictions on Mail, Telephone, and Visitor Privileges, When Allowed.

  • Sec.17a-548 (Formerly Sec. 17-206i). Patient's Rights re Clothing, Possessions, Money and Access to Records. List of Rights to Be Posted.

  • Sec.17a-550 (Formerly Sec. 17-206k). Remedies of Aggrieved Persons.

Part IV - Whiting Forensic Division

  • Sec.17a-560 (Formerly Sec. 17-238). Definitions.

  • Sec. 17a-561 (Formerly Sec. 17-239). Persons to be Treated at Whiting Forensic Hospital.

Part V - Psychiatric Review Board

  • Sec.17a-583 (Formerly Sec. 17-257d). Initial Hearing by Board After Commitment.

  • Sec.17a-585 (Formerly Sec. 17-257f). Periodic Review by Board.

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