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Connecticut Law About Cohabitation
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The Judicial Branch law libraries hold a number of items which may be of assistance to the person researching cohabitation. 
  • American Law Reports: Cohabitation
  • Connecticut Bar Journal (Vol. 78, #4) - article Legal and Tax Status of Persons in Connecticut Civil Unions and other Unmarried Cohabitants by Frank S. Berall
  • Connecticut Family Law Citations, by Cynthia C. George
  • CT Practice Series- Family Law & Practice with Forms (vols. 7-8a), by Arnold H. Rutkin
  • Family Law in a Nutshell (2nd Ed.), by Harry D. Krause
  • The Law of Domestic Relations in the United States, by Homer H. Clark, Jr.
  • Lindey and Parely on Separation Agreements and Antenuptial Contracts, by Alexander Lindey & Louis I. Parley
  • Living Together:  Practical Legal Issues, by Margaret C. Jasper
  • The Living Together Kit:  A Legal Guide for Unmarried Couples, by Toni Ihara, Ralph Warner & Frederick Hertz
  • Marriage and Family Law Agreements, by Samuel Green & John V. Long
  • Premarital and Marital Contracts:  A Lawyer's Guide to Drafting and Negotiating Enforceable Marital and Cohabitation Agreements, by Edward L. Winer & Lewis Becker (eds.)
  • Understanding Family Law, by John Dewitt Gregory, Peter N. Swisher & Sheryl L. Scheible
  • West's Legal Forms (Vol. 7, rev. 2nd ed.)- Chapter 11.  Cohabitation Agreements.

    You need to visit your local law library to use these materials. Search the online catalog for availability and locations.


Selected Statutes:

  • Sec. 46b-40. Grounds for dissolution of marriage; legal separation; annulment
  • Sec. 46b-61. Orders re children where parents live separately
  • Sec. 46b-86(b). Modification of Alimony or Support Orders and Judgments
  • Sec. 53a-67(b). Cohabitation as affirmative defense in certain criminal sexual offenses
  • Sec. 53a-70b. Sexual assault in spousal or cohabitating relationship

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