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Connecticut Law About Abandoned, Lost or Unclaimed Property
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  Connecticut General Statutes

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Office of the State Treasurer

  Selected statutes:

Chapter 32. Treasurer 

  • Sec. 3-65a. Duties of holder of abandoned property
  • Sec. 3-65b. Assessments of interest penalty for failure to report or deliver abandoned property as required
  • Sec. 3-70a. Claims for abandoned property
  • Sec. 3-73b. Effect of expiration of limitation periods
Chapter 246. Motor Vehicles

  • Sec. 14-148. Abandoned markers
  • Sec. 14-150. Abandoned . . . motor vehicles. Notice. Removal. Storage. Hearing. Lien
  • Sec. 14-150a. Removal of abandoned motor vehicles by municipality. Notice
  • Sec. 14-151. State marshals and constables to enforce law concerning abandoned motor vehicles
Chapter 830. Rights and responsibilities of landlord and tenants Chapter 859. Lost and unclaimed property.

  • Sec. 50-1. Disposition of perishable property
  • Sec. 50-2. Disposition of goods not perishable
  • Sec. 50-3. Expressmen and common carriers; good not perishable
  • Sec. 50-4. Disposition of perishable goods
  • Sec. 50-5. Avails to be accounted for. Escheat
  • Sec. 50-8. Marine vegetable deposits
  • Sec. 50-9. Lost goods; towns may adopt procedures for
  • Sec. 50-10. Duties of finder.
  • Sec. 50-11. Advertising; sale of perishable goods.
  • Sec. 50-12. Restoration to owner if claimed.
  • Sec. 50-13. Procedure if unclaimed.
  • Sec. 50-14. Disposition after expiration of time for making claim.

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