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This video is shown to prospective jurors on the first day of jury service. It gives an overview of the jury process in Connecticut.

The right to a trial is a cornerstone of Connecticut's system of justice. Jury service is not merely an obligation - it is every citizen's right.

The purpose of the Jury Outreach Program is to fully inform citizens of the rights and obligations related to jury service, and to ease any fears or concerns about serving as a juror in Connecticut.

Since 2003, the Jury Outreach Program has presented to a wide variety of audiences, including:

  • Community Organizations
  • Radio Stations
  • Adult Education and Senior Centers
  • Colleges and Universities
  • High Schools and Middle Schools
Your Guide to Jury Service Brochure Jury Service in CT brochure Jury Duty in CT brochure

If you have any questions or would like to request a presentation, please contact Shari Lea DeLuca,
Jury Outreach Coordinator,
860-263-2710 ext. 3025 |