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Click on the appropriate link to change your name or address within Connecticut, confirm, postpone or sign up for a Text Alert.
  1. Change your name and/or Connecticut address.
  2. Confirm your jury service date.
  3. Postpone your jury service date.
  4. Sign up now for a Text Alert if your jury service is cancelled by the court. NEW!
If you would like to email Jury Administration regarding any of the following circumstances, please click on the appropriate link and provide the required information.
  1. I am a college student.
  2. I am no longer a Connecticut resident. Jury Summons
  3. I do not work outside the home and I do not have childcare.
  4. I claim previous federal or state service within the past three years, OR I am currently scheduled for state service.
  5. I am not a citizen OR permanent legal resident of the United States.
    ("Permanent legal resident" means you are not a US citizen but you are legally allowed to permanently live in the United States.)
  6. I cannot speak or understand English.
    Yo no hablo ni entiendo inglés.
    Nie rozumiem ani nie mówię po angielsku.
    Eu não falo ou não entendo inglés.
  7. I am 75 years of age or older and choose not to serve.
  8. I am not capable of serving due to a physical or mental disability.
    Medical Disqualification Form
  9. I have a disability and would like to serve. I will require a reasonable accommodation.
  10. I am under 18 years of age.
  11. I am in the military serving active duty or I am the spouse of a member of the military and reside outside the state of Connecticut.
  12. I do not have transportation.
  13. I do not work outside of my home and I provide full-time care for my spouse or another relative living with me.
  14. I have a general question or request.
  15. I have completed jury service and I want to be eligible to serve again within the next three court years.