Instructions on Marking Short Calendar Matters Electronically

  1. Tell the attorneys and other self-represented parties in the case by telephone, fax or, if the other attorneys or self-represented parties have agreed in writing, by email how you are marking your motion or pleading.
  2. Log in to E-Services from the Branch website at:
  3. Select Civil/Family/Housing Menu from the E-Services menu.
  4. Select Short Calendar Markings Entry from the Civil/Family/Housing Menu page.
  5. Select the Location and Court Type for the calendars.
  6. Select Sort Results to display cases by case name, docket number, location, entry number, calendar sequence number or motion.
  7. Choose Search.

    Note: Motions or objections display separately. If a case has more than one motion or objection, the name or the case and the docket number will appear once for each motion or objection.

  8. Each motion/objection must be marked separately. For civil matters, select �R� (Ready), �TP� (Take Papers) or �O� (Off); for family matters, select �R� (Ready) or �O� (Off).

    More information about the markings options can be found in the Procedures and Technical Standards for E-Services and the Short Calendar and the Marking Process quick card.

    Note: Do not use a �Take Papers� marking to mark a matter that appears on a calendar if a request for argument has been granted on a non-arguable motion, or if the Court has granted or required argument on any other matter.

  9. Check the box next to the certification.
  10. Enter the name and telephone number of the individual submitting the markings
  11. Click Enter Markings and print the Short Calendar Markings Confirmation and Receipt.
  12. Be sure you have given notice of the markings to all other attorneys and self-represented parties of record.

    Note: To change a marking you have entered, you can log in to E-Services at any time during the marking period, go to the Civil/Family/Housing Menu, choose Markings Entry, and change the marking. Each time you go to Markings Entry, you will see the markings next to all motions or objections defaults to �No Change.�