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Foreclosure - Uniform Orders, Procedures and Forms
Title of Forms
Affidavit - Federal Loss Mitigation Programs, Rev. 3/12 JD-CL-114
Application and Execution for Ejectment, Mortgage Foreclosure, Rev. 4/15 JD-CV-30
Foreclosure By Sale, Committee Deed, Rev. 6/10 JD-CV-74
Foreclosure By Sale, Committee Report, Rev. 9/11 JD-CV-75
Foreclosure Worksheet, Rev. 7/09 JD-CV-77
Uniform Procedures for Foreclosure Judgment, Presentation Instructions, Rev. 7/09 JD-CV-78
Foreclosure By Sale, Standing Orders, Rev. 10/10 JD-CV-79
Foreclosure By Sale, Fact Sheet - Notice to Bidders, Rev. 10/10 JD-CV-80
Uniform Procedures for Foreclosure By Sale Matters, Rev. 3/14 JD-CV-81
Sales Agreement – Foreclosure, Rev. 3/11 JD-CV-88
Foreclosure Mediation - Objection, New 9/08 JD-CV-95
Foreclosure Mediation - Motion for Permission to Request Mediation later than 15 Days After Return Date or to Change Mediation Period, Rev. 8/13 JD-CV-96
Foreclosure Return of Sale – No Proceeds, Rev. 10/10 JD-CV-97
Foreclosure Return of Sale – With Proceeds, Rev. 10/10 JD-CV-98
Foreclosure / Motion for Approval of Committee Sale, Approval of Committee Deed, Acceptance of Committee Report, Allowance of Fees and Expenses, Allowance of Appraiser’s Fees, Rev. 10/10 JD-CV-99
Foreclosure Motion for Advice, New 9/08 JD-CV-100
Foreclosure Motion for Possession, New 9/08 JD-CV-101
Foreclosure Plaintiff’s Bid at Foreclosure Sale and Committee’s Response, New 9/08 JD-CV-102
You are Being Sued and You are in Danger of Losing Your Property, Rev. 7/09 JD-CV-103
Uniform Foreclosure Standing Orders, Rev. 4/11 JD-CV-104
Foreclosure Mediation Certificate, Rev 7/15 JD-CV-108
Mortgage Foreclosure Standing Order — Federal Loss Mitigation Programs, Rev. 8/10 JD-CV-117
Foreclosure Mediation Notice of Community-Based Resources, Rev 4/15 JD-CV-126
Foreclosure Mediation, Notice to Homeowner or Religious Organization (For cases with a Return Date of 10/1/2011 or later) , Rev 7/15 JD-CV-127
Foreclosure Mediation — Supplemental Information By Party, New 7/13 JD-CV-133
Mediation Information Form (For cases with a Return Date of 10/1/13 or later), Rev. 8/13 JD-CV-135
Foreclosure Mediation — Petition For Reinclusion, New 8/13 JD-CV-136
Foreclosure/Motion for Interim Committee Fees and Expenses and/or Appraisal Fees, New 1/15 JD-CV-149
Decree  of Foreclosure - No Redemption, New 1/15 JD-CV-150
Motion  for Judgment of Foreclosure by Market Sale, New 1/15 JD-CV-151
Motion for Supplemental Judgment - Foreclosure by Market Sale, New 1/15 JD-CV-152
Foreclosure By Market Sale Committee Deed, New 5/15 JD-CV-153

Effective January 1, 2003
Notice Of Application Procedure to Become A Committee in Foreclosure By Sale MattersAppointment to committees in foreclosure by sale matters will be on a rotating basis from one of two lists of individuals (described below) kept by the Chief Clerk at each judicial district court location.

To be included on either list, you must submit a resume demonstrating your ability to perform the work required of a committee to the Civil Presiding Judge for the judicial district where you have your office. Persons who are currently on a list must re-apply.

An applicant wishing to be considered for inclusion on a separate list of individuals who have performed special services for the Court, should indicate such special services and the approximate number of hours of such service performed the prior year. Normally, an applicant should have performed twenty (20) hours of pro bono services for the Court in order to qualify for appointment to the "pro bono" list. Persons appointed to the pro bono list must re-apply each year.

The Civil Presiding Judge may delete any name from either list at any time if, for any reason, said Judge does not believe the name belongs on the list.

Joseph H. Pellegrino, Judge
Chief Court Administrator