Create PDF Documents

Portable Document Format (PDF) is the de facto standard for the secure and reliable distribution and exchange of electronic documents and forms around the world, with a ten-year track record. PDF is a universal file format that preserves the fonts, images, graphics, and layout of any source document, regardless of the application and platform used to create it. To file a case electronically with the Connecticut Judicial Branch, you will need to create PDF documents.

Creation of PDF documents:

There are three methods you may use to create a PDF document:
  • conversion
  • scanning
  • original creation using PDF software.
The first two are the most common means you are likely to use for e-filing. This page addresses the first: converting an existing document to PDF format.

Newer versions of popular word processing programs such as WordPerfect� already have the ability to convert documents. If yours does not have this capability, all you need to do is select a "PDF writer/conversion" program and install it to your computer. After that installation, you may create PDF documents as easily as you print documents!

For example when you are ready to print a motion using common word processing programs, you would select "file", then "print" and see this dialog box:
Print Menu
In the above example, the computer has the free CutePDFTM Writer, so we selected that instead of the regular default printer. After selecting the OK button you are asked for a File Name. In this example we named the file a name we could later identify as a specific document in a specific case. Then click "Save".
Save As
That is all that is required to create a PDF each time from your word processor! The first (one time) task will be for you to obtain your PDF Writer.

Note: The State of Connecticut Judicial Branch does not endorse any particular software product, nor do we assume responsibility for supporting any software you install on your PC. The information supplied below to products and services are provided as a courtesy and may not continue to be available at the links shown below. There are many other options for converting and writing PDF files. You may wish to do an internet search or work with the entities that provide your computer support to find a PDF solution. Disclaimer Regarding Third-Party Websites

Important: Review the system requirements before downloading any of the listed programs. 

There are several PDF Writer/Conversion programs available. Here are some options:

Free PDF Writers
When you select the CutePDFTM Writer, you download and run two programs:
1 -
Download arrow  Free Converter of GNU Ghostscript - (GNUGS7.06; 3.04 MB)
GNU Ghostscript is an open-source interpreter for the PostScript language and the PDF file format. It is distributed under the GNU General Public License.
- Download arrow  Free Download of CutePDFTM Writer - (Version 2.2; 1.04 MB)

Get PDF995 Free

When you select the PDF995 Writer, you download and run two programs:
1 - Download arrow  Free Converter (Version 1.0; 3.1 MB)
2 -
Download arrow  Free Download of the PDF995 Driver (Version 6.87s; 1.2 Mb)
Commercial PDF Writers
Adobe Acrobat
Adobe� Acrobat� software allows you to create Adobe� PDF files for reliable document sharing and can be purchased at many different locations, including by mail and online. For a description of all available products, visit Adobe�s online store.
PDF Conversion Services
Create Adobe PDF Online logo You may also purchase a monthly or yearly subscription to �Create Adobe PDF Online�, a Web-hosted service that lets you convert a wide variety of documents into Adobe� PDF files. Free trials for Adobe� Acrobat� products may be available.