Obtain a Last Known Address from the Department of Motor Vehicles

Attorneys may request last known address information under section 14-10 of the Connecticut General Statutes from the Department of Motor Vehicles� License File or Registration File through the E-Services website.

To submit a request for address information from the License File or Registration File:

  1. Log in to E-Services with your individual juris number and password.
  2. From menu on the E-Services home page, click on DMV � Last Known Address.
  3. From the Copy Records Page, click on Add New Request.
  4. Select the file from which you wish to receive last known address information: DMV�s License File or Registration File.

Note: You must provide at least two identifying items in each section requested.

  1. Enter your individual juris number as your signature.

Note: The juris number entered must match the log-in juris number.

  1. Click Submit Request to submit your request.
  2. Enter your credit card information to pay the required fee and click Process Payment.
  3. After twenty-four hours, you may return to the DMV � Last Known Address to determine whether your request has been processed.

Note: Requests are processed Monday through Friday only. Submitted and Processed Requests will be listed on the Copy Records Request page.

For questions about obtaining a last known address through the DMV, contact (860) 263-5154.