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Creating, saving or converting files to PDF/A

There are many ways to save files as PDF/A or convert existing documents to PDF/A. There are examples of how to save files as PDF/A from existing products you may have listed on the Introduction to PDF/A page.

If you use tools that are not listed on our Introduction to PDF/A page, another generic method of saving or converting documents to PDF/A is to use converters or tools that you install as a "printer". For example, there is a free product you can download and install:

PDF Creator

After this product is installed, you will see a new printer available from any program you print from such as your document reader for your scanned documents. To save/convert this file to a PDF you perform the following actions:

From your viewer or documents processing program, perform the standard print function. For example, from the Adobe Acrobat Reader select File, then click on Print:

PDF Creator Example Step 1

Then select PDFCreator from the drop-down list of printers; then select the Print button:

PDF Creator Example Step 2

The PDF Creator Print dialog box will then appear. The first time you use this (or if you change the option), you will need to select the Options box.

PDF Creator Example Step 3

(The next two screens only needs to be set once, unless you use this product for other purposes/formats)

You will then see the options diaglog box where you will select PDF on the left and then select Adobe Acrobat 5.0 (PDF 1.4) for the Compatability setting. Then select the "Save" button below:

PDF Creator Example Step 4

You now will see an updated version of the Options dialog box. Click on the Save option (icon on the left of  the screen) and select PDF/A-1b as the "Standard save format".

PDF Creator Example 5

This will return you to the previous screen where the final step is to select "Save".

That is all that is required to create a PDF/A each time from your word processor or other software if it does not already have built-in PDF/A support!

The first (one time) task will be for you to obtain your PDF Writer.

Note: The State of Connecticut Judicial Branch does not endorse any particular software product, nor do we assume responsibility for supporting any software you install on your PC. The information supplied below to products and services are provided as a courtesy and may not continue to be available at the links shown below. There are many other options for converting and writing PDF files. You may wish to do an internet search or work with the entities that provide your computer support to find a PDF/A solution. Disclaimer Regarding Third-Party Websites

Important: Review the system requirements before downloading any of the listed programs.

There are several PDF Writer/Conversion programs available. Here are some options:

Free PDF/A Writers

Simpo PDF Creator LiteTM

1 -
Download arrow http://www.simpopdf.com/pdf-creator-lite.html - (Example on usage)


1 - Download arrow http://sourceforge.net/projects/pdfcreator/ - (Example is above)

Commercial PDF/A Compliant Products


Adobe Commercial PDF/A Writers


Adobe® Acrobat® software allows you to create Adobe® PDF files for reliable document sharing and can be purchased at many different locations, including by mail and online. For a description of all available products, visit Adobe’s online store.

Create Adobe PDF Online logo

You may also purchase a monthly or yearly subscription to “Create Adobe PDF Online”, a Web-hosted service that lets you convert a wide variety of documents into Adobe® PDF files. Free trials for Adobe® Acrobat® products may be available.



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