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The Docket is a list, in numerical order, of cases ready for assignment. Practice Book § 69-2 says: "Cases will be considered ready for assignment when the briefs and appendices of all parties, including reply briefs, have been filed or the time for filing reply briefs has expired."

The Docket is the list from which the cases on the Assignment for Days are usually drawn. Click within the blue box on any appeal listed below to view a summary. Summaries are prepared for the general public by the court staff. They do not represent the court's view of these cases. Dockets

Supreme Court Docket - (PDF) Click on the blue box for a case summary.
Notice: Summaries are posted as available.

2022 - 2023 Supreme Court Terms

Term First Day of Term
First Term September 7, 2022
Second Term October 11, 2022
Third Term November 14, 2022
Fourth Term December 12, 2022
Fifth Term January 9, 2023
Sixth Term February 14, 2023
Seventh Term March 20, 2023
Eighth Term April 24, 2023