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James J. Senich
Manager of Communications
231 Capitol Avenue
Hartford, Connecticut 06106
(860) 757-2270, Fax (860) 757-2215


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Connecticut Supreme Court to Hear Cases at Yale Law School

The Connecticut Supreme Court will travel to Yale Law School on Friday, Sept. 12, to hear arguments in two cases, one criminal and one civil. The arguments will take place at 10 a.m. and 12 noon in the Yale Law School auditorium, located at 127 Wall St., New Haven. They are free and open to the public.

The Court’s appearance at Yale is part of an ongoing educational initiative of the Connecticut Judicial Branch called “Supreme Court on Circuit.”  Begun more than 20 years ago, the program seeks to provide students, educators and the general public with a greater understanding of the Court and its procedures.

“The Supreme Court on Circuit program has proven to be a very successful collaboration among law schools and colleges, the bar and the community,” said Chief Justice Chase T. Rogers. “It provides an opportunity for students to observe first-hand how the appellate process works and to ask questions of the attorneys involved with the cases. I would like to thank Dean Koh and Yale Law School for hosting this year's program.”

"We are delighted to host the Supreme Court of Connecticut at Yale Law School for its first sitting here in the 21st century.  Through its faculty, graduates and history, Yale Law School and the Supreme Court of Connecticut have developed deep organic ties,” said Yale Law School Dean Harold Hongju Koh. “This sitting, held early in the school year, deepens those ties by offering a wonderful educational opportunity for all interested lawyers, law students, and residents of our region to see our state's highest court in action.  We welcome the public and especially encourage high schools and colleges throughout the area to send their students to our halls to see a real people’s court."

The program begins at 9:30 a.m. with brief opening remarks by retired Chief Justice Ellen Ash Peters on the history of the Connecticut Supreme Court. At 10 a.m., arguments will be heard in the criminal case, State v. Lawrence Smith. The civil case, St. Joseph Living Center, Inc. v. Town of Windham, begins at 12 noon. Arguments in each case will last approximately one hour.  A question-and-answer period with arguing counsel and volunteer attorneys with expertise in the cases will follow each argument.  Attorneys Mark A. Milano and Stephen G. Murphy, Jr., both former Supreme Court law clerks, will conduct these sessions.

News media organizations may record, broadcast, televise, and photograph the oral arguments in compliance with the rules governing cameras in the Supreme Court and the protocol adopted by the Court, which is available on the Judicial Branch’s website at https://www.jud.ct.gov/external/supapp/sup_film1.html. In particular, please note that the protocol requires media outlets to make pooling arrangements among themselves if there are multiple requests to videotape, broadcast, televise, record or photograph the same argument. For information, please contact Jim Senich at 860-757-2270 by Wednesday, Sept. 10th.

Representatives of the news media do not need to pool if they wish to videotape, broadcast, televise, record or photograph the opening remarks and/or the question-and-answer periods.  

The following items may not be brought into the courtroom: bladed or pointed items, weapons, food and beverages. To help the screening process and movement in and out of the auditorium, it is recommended that guests not bring briefcases, backpacks, pocketbooks or bags.

For additional information about this program, please contact the External Affairs Division at 860-757-2270.


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