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Notice regarding the Foreclosure Mediation Program
P.A. 09-209 An Act Concerning Implementation of the S.A.F.E. Mortgage Licensing Act (Sections 34 and 35)


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Foreclosure/Mediation Program

The Foreclosure Mediation Program has changed as a result of P.A. 09-209, passed by the Connecticut legislature during its 2009 session. In order to qualify for this program, the borrower/homeowner must be an owner-occupant of a one, two, three or four family residential property. The property must be the homeowner’s primary residence and located in Connecticut. The lender must serve a Notice to Homeowner, JD-CV-94, Foreclosure Mediation Certificate, JD-CV-108 and Appearance, JD-CL-12 form to the homeowner when it commences the foreclosure action.

If the homeowner qualifies and files an Appearance, the homeowner and lender will meet with a mediator employed by the Judicial Branch to try to reach an agreement. The mediation process will address all issues of foreclosure, including, but not limited to, reinstatement of the mortgage, assignment of law days, assignment of sale date, restructuring of the mortgage debt and foreclosure by decree of sale. The mediators will be trained in all relevant aspects of the law, have knowledge of community-based resources and mortgage assistance programs and refer homeowners to these programs when appropriate.

For additional information on the foreclosure mediation program, please contact Nancy McGann, Superior Court Operations, Court Operations Unit at (860) 263-2734 ext. 3067 or email her at Nancy.McGann@jud.ct.gov.

Click here to obtain the Notice to Homeowner, JD-CV-94, Foreclosure Mediation Certificate, JD-CV-108  and Appearance, JD-CL-12 form that will be required to be served with foreclosure actions to which the act applies.

Foreclosure/Mediation Program FAQs


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