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First Class of Judicial Marshals to Graduate

Twenty-one Judicial Marshals are set to graduate Monday, the first class since the state Judicial Branch took over courthouse security, custody of prisoners, and prisoner transportation a year ago.

The ceremony is scheduled for 2 p.m. at the Supreme Court courtroom. A reception will follow in Room 310 at the State Capitol.

Candidates for the job must pass a physical exam and agility screening, a drug screen, and a criminal background check. They then must complete a 21-day training program at the Judicial Marshal Academy in New Britain, where subjects include but are not limited to cardiopulmonary resuscitation and first aid, fire safety and bomb threat management, management of aggressive behavior, prisoner transportation, and courthouse security.

All new permanent full-time and part-time Judicial Marshals will go through the Academy, which is held at the New Britain National Guard Academy. Existing Judicial Marshals are recertified in core skills each year, through an in-service program that lasts two to three days.

New Judicial Marshals can be terminated after a year's probation if they don't perform their jobs well. During the first eight weeks in the field, they are paired with a mentor and must complete a course of prescribed on-the-job instruction.

This first class started Oct. 1 with 25 people; four were unable to complete the requirements.

The graduates will go to various courthouses in the Fairfield, New Haven, Stamford-Norwalk, Waterbury, and New Britain Judicial Districts. Their assignments are based on a staffing study that took several months to conduct; other judicial districts' needs will be addressed in upcoming classes. Hiring is done by the Senior Resident Judges in each Judicial District.

"A judicial marshal generally is the first person a member of the public comes into contact with when they come to court," Chief Court Administrator Joseph H. Pellegrino said. "That role, as well as ensuring the courthouse is safe, is an essential part of the judicial process."

The graduates, the towns/cities they come from, and their assignments are:

Stephanie Davis Alston, Bridgeport, Fairfield Judicial District.
Guy Antoine
, West Haven, New Haven Judicial District.
Jessica Castillo
, Bridgeport, Fairfield Judicial District.
Maria DeLoughery
, New Haven, New Haven Judicial District.
Lisa Dietrichsen
, East Haven, New Haven Judicial District.
Tara Elderton
, Milford, Stamford-Norwalk Judicial District.
Graciela Ferreira
, Waterbury, Waterbury Judicial District.
Jacqueline Grant
, New Haven, New Haven Judicial District.
Maria Hart
, Hamden, New Haven Judicial District.
Maurice Herring
, Bridgeport, Fairfield Judicial District.
Kingsley Kellier
, New Britain, New Britain Judicial District.
Demetrius Langston
, Bridgeport, Stamford-Norwalk Judicial District.
John McGee
, Bridgeport, Fairfield Judicial District.
Thomas Miele
, Oakville, Waterbury Judicial District.
Robert Naedele
, Bridgeport, Fairfield Judicial District.
Nicholas Odell
, Wallingford, New Haven Judicial District.
Panelis Perdkies
, Stamford, Stamford-Norwalk Judicial District.
Christine Ryan
, New Haven, New Haven Judicial District.
Marilyn Santiago
, Stamford, Stamford-Norwalk Judicial District.
Clifford Satkunas
, Watertown, Waterbury Judicial District.
Sabrina White
, Waterbury, Waterbury Judicial District.

Reporters interested in covering the event please RSVP Rhonda Stearley-Hebert, Manager of Communications, External Affairs Division, at 860-757-2270.


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