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231 Capitol Avenue
Hartford, Connecticut 06106
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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE September 18, 2001

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Media Advisory

Re: State v. Michael S.

The Connecticut Supreme Court will hear oral arguments from the attorneys representing the parties in the case of In Re Michael S. on Tuesday, September 25, 2001 at 10:00 a.m. in the Supreme Court courtroom which is located at 231 Capitol Avenue in Hartford. The Supreme Court does not hear witnesses and does not receive evidence. It decides each case on the record of lower court proceedings; briefs that are used by counsel to convey to the court the essential points of each party's case; and, oral argument.

Media organizations wishing to attend these proceedings should fax a request on their company letterhead to Melissa Farley, Executive Director of External Affairs, Connecticut Judicial Branch, 860-757-2215. The name of the reporter must be provided. Please include a fax number with your request.

Because of the limited time frame, fax transmissions will be accepted during business and non-business hours from the time of the release of this advisory until Monday, September 24, 2001 at 10 a.m. No extensions or exceptions will be considered. Requests will be processed in the order they are received.

Reporters from Connecticut daily newspapers, television and radio stations will receive pre-assigned seats as will the Connecticut Bureau of the Associated Press, the Connecticut Bureau of The New York Times, and The Connecticut Law Tribune. However, Connecticut organizations must still fax a letter of request and commit to daily coverage of the proceedings.

If the number of media requests does not exceed the available seating, all such requests will be granted.

If the number of requests exceeds the seating capacity, media representatives must pool in each of the following categories: print media (includes daily and weekly newspapers, magazines, books) television and radio.

The Supreme Court has granted, in accordance with Section 70-10 of the Connecticut Practice Book, the request of CT-N The Connecticut Network to videotape for later broadcast the oral arguments in this case. Participating members of the broadcasting, televising or recording media interested in obtaining a copy of this videotape, should contact CT-N The Connecticut Network directly at 860-240-8317 to make the necessary arrangements.

The use of laptop computers is not permitted. Cell phones and pagers must be muted in the Supreme Court building and any calls must be made or received outside of the building.

Notification of receipt and acceptance of requests will be announced on the Connecticut Judicial Branch website at www.jud.ct.gov and by fax no later than 2 p.m. on Monday, September 24, 2001.

In case of any changes in the scheduling of this matter, notices will be posted on the website and faxed to the media. The media should be alert to such change. Please check our website at www.jud.ct.gov for updates.

Please refer all inquiries to Melissa Farley, Executive Director of External Affairs for the Connecticut Judicial Branch at 860-757-2270.


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