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Connecticut Joins Nation in Proclaiming July 23-29 Probation and Parole Officers' Week

National Probation and Parole Officers' WeekHARTFORD Lt. Governor M. Jodi Rell joined the State of Connecticut Judicial Branch and the Board of Parole, Tuesday, July 25th, in a special ceremony to recognize National Probation and Parole Officers’ Week. The ceremony will be held at 10:30 a.m. in the Attorney Conference Room of the Supreme Court Building at 231 Capitol Avenue.

The Lt. Governor will present the State’s Official Proclamation and speak at the special ceremony, which will feature welcoming remarks by the Honorable Robert C. Leuba, Chief Court Administrator of the Judicial Branch. Michael L. Mullen, Chairman of the Board of Parole, will speak on "The Role of Parole Officers in the Criminal Justice System," while William H. Carbone, Executive Director of the Court Support Services Division of the Judicial Branch, will speak on "New Developments in Adult and Juvenile Probation."

Following the remarks, probation and parole officers will be introduced and will answer questions regarding their functions and duties.

"The Judicial Branch continues to dedicate itself to developing and improving a system that will assure judges and the public that probation provides meaningful supervision for clients and remains a responsible, viable sanction," said Judge Leuba.

"Probation and parole officers play an important role in our law enforcement and judicial systems," said Lt. Governor Rell. "They are on the front lines, handling heavy case loads and ensuring that court sanctions are followed. Their work is important, but too often goes unrecognized."

Currently, there are 60,000 adult and juvenile probation cases in Connecticut. Nationally, there were 4.1 million men and women on probation and parole as of December. 1, 1999. This number does not reflect the number of juveniles on community supervision. Probation and Parole officers work in partnership with community agencies and groups to provide services, support and protection for victims and the community-at-large. The officers also provide services to offenders while, at the same time, holding them accountable.

"Parole and Probation Officers make a substantial contribution to the safety of our cities and towns by supervising criminal offenders returning to the community," said Chairman Mullen. "At times, these officers must work under difficult or even dangerous circumstances. Parole and Probation Officers’ Week provides us with a special opportunity to recognize the competence, dedication, and accomplishments of this distinguished group of criminal justice professionals."

For the Judicial Branch, the week provides the opportunity to highlight positive developments in its probation programs. In its most recent Session, the Legislature approved funding for 60 new probation officers. The Branch also has implemented a new Adult Offender Case Management Program that includes a risk/needs instrument and case classification system that will provide higher quality information to Superior Court judges and increase the monitoring of their orders.

"This is a very important step in moving our probation efforts forward," said Carbone. "The recent authorization to hire 60 new Adult Supervision Officers is a first step in creating a community supervision model we can all be proud of," said William H. Carbone, Executive Director, Court Support Services Division. "I look forward to the challenges to make this new model the best in the country.

"I would like to congratulate the Adult and Juvenile Probation and Parole Officers for being recognized for the valuable work they do to keep Connecticut’s communities safe while reintegrating offenders back into these communities," added Carbone.

As part of Probation and Parole Officers’ Week, the Judicial Branch is inviting legislators and members of the media to "shadow" adult probation officers in selected venues throughout the state as they carry out their normal duties during the course of a morning. The legislators have been invited as part of the Judicial Branch’s "Opening Our Doors" program, which is designed to familiarize legislators with various areas of the Judicial system.

For information on the ceremony or to sign up for one of these home visits, please contact Ginny Apple, Manager of Communications, at 860/566-8219.


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