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Norwalk Chosen as Site for Skakel Trial

The trial of State of Connecticut vs. Michael Skakel will be held at the Geographical Area 20 Courthouse in Norwalk.

Jury selection will begin on April 2 at the Norwalk Courthouse, located at 17 Belden Ave. Evidence is set to begin on May 7, if the jury -- 12 regular jurors and four alternates -- has been selected by that date. For planning purposes, please be advised that jury selection will likely be held from Tuesday through Friday.

Judge John F. Kavanewsky, Jr. will preside over the trial. The judge has ruled that cameras will not be allowed in the courtroom during the trial.

Norwalk was chosen because, after an extensive review, it was determined that the G.A. 20 Courthouse has a courtroom that will be large enough to accommodate the victim's family, the defendant's family, the public, and the news media. As for the new Stamford Courthouse, it will not be ready by April 2.

The Judicial Branch has scheduled a meeting among the Branch, Norwalk City officials, and the news media for Tuesday, March 5, to discuss logistics. The meeting will start at 11 a.m. at the Courthouse. News media groups are requested to choose liaisons from their respective categories to attend the meeting. A list of those media organizations that have applied so far for credentials to cover the trial is below. Five representatives may be chosen from television, four from the print media, and one from radio. The numbers are proportional, based on the number of requests received as of this morning.

In addition, television representatives also should start considering the possibility of having to pool satellite truck resources.

A reminder: Applications for press credentials to cover the trial are due by 5 p.m. on March 1. No applications will be accepted after the deadline. Media organizations will be notified Monday, March 4, of their status.

News organizations must commit to day-to-day coverage of the evidence portion but not the jury selection portion of the trial. In applying for credentials, news organizations also should provide a list of backup reporters who may substitute for the primary reporter, in the event that he or she is unable to cover on a particular day.

The Judicial Branch is grateful to Norwalk Mayor Alex Knopp, Police Chief Harry Rilling, and other Police and City officials for their help in organizing logistics of the trial.

Please direct any questions to Rhonda Stearley-Hebert, Manager of Communications, External Affairs Division, at 860-757-2270. Calls will not be taken by other court personnel, including the judge.

The following is a list of those media organizations that have applied so far for credentials:


Fox 61
News 12 Connecticut
CBS, The Early Show
Court TV
New England Cable News
WCBS-TV Channel 2
WBZ4 -- Boston
WHDH-TV Boston
NBC News Channel
Dual Purpose Productions (Britain)
Fox News Channel
WNBC/News Channel 4


Associated Press
The Hartford Courant
Greenwich Time
Greenwich Post
The Hour
New Haven Register
The News-Times
Connecticut Post
Connecticut Law Tribune
New York Times
New York Post
New York Daily News
The Boston Globe
USA Today
National Post (Toronto)


WGCH-AM 1490
Cox Radio Inc.
Metro Networks


Vanity Fair
Greenwich magazine

In addition, three sketch artists -- Jane Rosenberg, Christine Cornell, and Andrea Sheppard -- have applied for credentials.


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