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Fast Facts about the Judicial Branch

Courts: Supreme Court, Appellate Court, Superior Court
Method of Appointment: Nomination by the governor from list compiled by Judicial Selection Commission, appointment by the General Assembly.
Term of Office: 8 years
Number of Authorized Judgeships:
  • Supreme Court: 7
  • Appellate Court: 9*
  • Superior Court (trial): 184
  • Total: 201
* Subsection (b) of Sec. 51-197c: (b) If a judge of the Appellate Court (1) is appointed the Chief Court Administrator, or (2) on July 1, 2001, is serving as the Chief Court Administrator, the Appellate Court shall consist of ten judges for the remainder of said judge's current term on the Appellate Court, or until his or her retirement from full-time active service, whichever occurs first. The tenth judge shall also be a judge of the Superior Court and shall be appointed by the General Assembly upon nomination of the Governor for a term of eight years.

Permanent Full-Time Employee Positions Authorized (including judges): 4,217

Superior Court Division:
  • Judicial Districts: 13
  • Geographical Areas: 20
  • Juvenile Districts: 12

Funding - State Funded: Budget Appropriated for FY11-12: $511,419,613
Oldest Courthouse:
New London Judicial District Courthouse, 70 Huntington Street, 1784.
Number of Facilities on the Historic Register: 12