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Windham County Courthouse and City Hall

Windham Country Courthouse
Postmarked 1905

Windham County Courthouse
Postmarked 1908

Postmarked 1911

Windham County Courthouse
Postmarked 1916
Windham Country Courthouse
Copyright pre-1920s
Windham County Courthouse
Copyright 1920
Windham County Courthouse
Published 1948-49

Much debate and hostility accompanied the planning of the Windham Courthouse and Town Hall. After becoming a city, there were many opinions as to how the building would be funded, where it would be built and what would adorn it.

After soliciting bids from architects in the region, the committee chose Warren Richard Briggs of Bridgeport to design the building. Briggs, who studied in Paris, also built the Fairfield County Courthouse in Danbury.

The Courthouse and Town Hall when finished was an imposing structure with a clock tower and a grand entrance with 14-feet wide granite steps. It was built with 1.25 million bricks, the exterior was trimmed with Philadelphia pressed brick and the entrance hall had paneled ash ceilings and a floor constructed from Munson (MA) granite. The interior of the building was finished in cypress paneling. The doors were also cypress and 152 windows filled the interior with light.

Though he faced much resistance from the committee, Briggs finally won out and the first story of the Courthouse and Town Hall was constructed of Portland (CT) sandstone and the granite from Munson.

On September 16, 1896 builder Jeremiah O'Sullivan handed the keys of the building to Committee Chairman W.N. Potter and the clock dials on the tower were illuminated by electric light at 6 p.m. until midnight. Willimantic now had its Courthouse and Town Hall. The total cost was $73,000.

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Greetings from Willimantic Connecticut
Published late 1940s, early 50s

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Greetings from Willimantic, Conn.
Published 1944


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