Court Support Services Division

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The Judicial Branch Court Support Services Division (JB-CSSD) oversees pretrial services, family services, divorce and domestic violence, probation supervision of adults and juveniles, as well as two secure juvenile residential centers located in Bridgeport & Hartford. JB-CSSD also administers a network of statewide contracted community providers that deliver treatment and other support services.

CSSD Central Office
455 Winding Brook Drive, Glastonbury, CT 06033

Executive Director
Gary Roberge, Tel: 860-368-3800, Fax: 860-368-4351

JB-CSSD Mission Statement
The mission of the JB-CSSD is to provide effective support services within the Judicial Branch by working collaboratively with system stakeholders to promote compliance with court orders and instill positive change in individuals, families, and communities.
JB-CSSD is able to accomplish this mission by employing risk and conflict reduction strategies within each of its service areas:
JB-CSSD Adult Services (Adult Probation and Pretrial) provides community supervision services to clients referred by the Courts.

  • Adult Probation works with clients to change their behavior in a positive way to enhance community and victim safety, to comply with their conditions, and to be accountable. The system also provides client eligibility determinations, program referrals, and program completion reports for diversionary programs.
  • Pretrial Services/IAR (Intake, Assessment, and Referral) provides pre-trial information to the Court and assistance to released defendants. Bail Commissioners and IAR Specialists handle pre-trial release and court appearances as well as arraignment services. Bail staff work to provide reasonable assurance of a defendant's appearance in Court, while accounting for the safety of the public.

JB-CSSD Family Services (Civil and Criminal) assists courts and clients to resolve family and interpersonal conflict. Family Civil Court services assist the Court and clients to resolve family and interpersonal conflicts with negotiation, mediation, and evaluation and education services. Family Criminal Court services provide intake assessment and pre-trial supervision for individuals arrested for family violence crimes. Additionally, JB-CSSD Family Services contracts with several service providers who offer programs to defendants that address domestic violence (Family Violence Education Program, EXPLORE and EVOLVE).

JB-CSSD Juvenile Probation Services are designed to provide information to judges, enable monitoring of court-ordered conditions, and provide services to court-involved children and their families to increase the chances of successful rehabilitation. The Superior Court for Juvenile Probation handles the cases of children who, at the time of an alleged offense, were 17 years old or younger.
JB-CSSD Juvenile Residential Services is responsible for operating and overseeing voluntary and court-ordered residential programs/centers designed to meet the needs of juveniles who come into contact with the juvenile court system. The network of programs and services include 2 secure state-operated residential centers, located in Bridgeport and Hartford, and numerous contracted residential programs. All programs are designed to balance the development of positive skills of juveniles with community safety

JB-CSSD Administration is the business arm of the Division that supports central and field operations as well as coordinating business activities with other Judicial Branch Divisions. Administration Units include Computer Support,Facilities, Materials Management and Policy (COSFAMMP); Fiscal Administration, (and Restitution); Information Technology; a Training Academy; Programs and Services; ; and JB-CSSD Human Resources.