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Law Enforcement

Police officers are usually the first interaction a crime victim will have with the criminal justice system and sometimes the only interaction. Therefore, the Office of Victim Services (OVS) is committed to providing Law Enforcement with information and training to assist them in meeting the needs of Connecticut’s crime victims.

Statutory Responsibility to Crime Victims


Police officers are required by law to get medical help for the victim, if needed, and refer the victim to the Office of Victim Services for information on rights and services, whenever a police officer determines that a crime has been committed (C.G.S. 54-222a).
Connecticut General Statutes Section (C.G.S.) 54-222a directs peace officers to distribute an informational card, developed by the Judicial Branch, on rights and services to victims at the scene of the crime.

OVS maintains the information and inventory of these cards and sends periodic reminders to police departments of their statutory obligation.

In addition, OVS developed a poster for police departments to display in areas where police officers have access, such as break rooms and locker rooms, as another reminder tool.

To order informational cards or other Judicial Branch forms, please use Judicial Branch form JD-ES-17PD. To order posters, please email


Since 2001, OVS has provided training to new municipal police recruits in collaboration with the Police Officer and Standards Training Council. The objectives of the training are to:
  • Inform law enforcement officers of crime victims’ constitutional and statutory rights
  • Heighten awareness of crime’s effects on victims
  • Provide tools that assist officers with victim interactions
  • Increase officer’s knowledge of resources to support victims
To learn more about other training opportunities, please visit Training Home.

OVS also offers an informational video series that provides information on OVS services, victim compensation, the adult criminal court process, and orders of protection. Click on the Videos tab for more information.