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Information/Privacy – Committee on Judicial Information Policy
(formerly Identity Theft Committee)
Charge of the Committee - The charge of this committee is set forth in two recommendations made by the Judicial Branch Public Access Task Force. Those recommendations are:
  • Twelfth Recommendation: Review Judicial Branch-issued forms in connection with potential identity theft.
    In order to lessen the likelihood of identity theft, the Task Force recommends that the Judicial Branch insure that its forms do not request social security numbers, financial account numbers, or other information which may likely lead to identity theft unless such information is necessary for the adjudicatory process.

  • Twenty-third Recommendation: Remote electronic access to court records.
    In light of the complex issues of privacy and security involved in providing remote access by the public to court files and the short period of time that the Task Force had available to it, the Task Force recommends the convening of a committee that is specifically charged with analyzing and making recommendations on remote access to court records and further recommends that remote electronic access to documents currently viewable through the e-filing system at this time continue to be limited to attorneys or firms with an appearance in the case in which such documents have been filed.


Committee Members

  Hon. Joseph H. Pellegrino, Chair
Hon. Marshall K. Berger, Jr.
Ms. Elizabeth Bickley
Hon. John F. Blawie
Hon. David Borden
Mr. Timothy Callahan
Atty. Janice Calvi
Hon. Patrick L. Carroll III
Atty. Margaret Chapple
Atty. Jorene Couture
Atty. Joseph D. D’Alesio
Mr. P.J. Deak
Atty. Melissa Farley
Hon. F. Herbert Gruendel
Ms. Krista Hess
Atty. Nancy Kierstead
Prof. Elizabeth Marsh
Hon. Aaron Ment
Atty. Louis A. Pace, Jr.
Ms. Dalia Panke
Hon. Barbara Quinn
Atty. Norman A. Roberts II
Atty. Kevin M. Shay
Ms. Rhonda Stearley Hebert
Atty. Robert Stillman
Mr. Donald Turnbull
Atty. Frederic S. Ury
Atty. Elizabeth C. Yen

Viviana L. Livesay
Alice Mastrony



Meeting Notice -  The next meeting will be announced.


Date Agenda (PDF) Minutes  (PDF)
July 21, 2010 Agenda Minutes (Draft)
March 18, 2010 Agenda Minutes
December 15, 2009 Agenda Minutes
October 13, 2009 Agenda Minutes
February 5, 2009 Agenda Minutes
November 13, 2008 Agenda Minutes
January 17, 2008 Agenda Minutes
May 31, 2007 Agenda Minutes
March 8, 2007 Agenda Minutes
December 8, 2006 Agenda Minutes
November 8, 2006 Agenda Minutes


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