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Connecticut Bar Examining Committee
Frequently Asked Questions
about Admission to the Connecticut bar

Admission by Examination
  1. List of approved law schools
  2. Foreign educated applicants
  3. Registering for the bar examination
  4. Filing deadline
  5. Examination dates
  6. Numbers of times you can take the bar examination
  7. Exam format
  8. Bar review courses
  9. Pass rates
  10. MBE transfer
  11. Passing score
  12. Admission after passing the examination
  13. Non-standard testing on the bar examination
  14. Copy of your filed bar application
  15. Fees

1. Where can I get a list of approved law schools?
All law schools approved by the American Bar Association (ABA) are also approved by the Bar Examining Committee.

Also approved by the Connecticut Bar Examining Committee is the Massachusetts School of Law.

2. Are graduates of foreign law schools eligible to take the bar examination?
An applicant who has studied in a foreign country may qualify to apply for admission by submitting to the Committee satisfactory proof of the legal education required by (Article II-3) of the CBEC Regulations. An applicant must receive approval of their petition for determination on foreign education prior to filing an application for admission by examination. Applicants shall file a complete petition for determination on foreign education no later than 01 November for a February exam and no later than 01 April for a July exam.

3. How do I register for the bar examination?
The application for admission by examination is available in fillable PDF format. Applications are examination specific. The application for the July 2022 examination is currently available. This application cannot be used for any other examination. See Form 1E on Forms list.

4. What is the filing deadline for the bar examination?
The first filing deadline for the July 2022 bar examination is March 31, 2022 (fee $800). The final filing deadline for the July 2022 bar examination is Monday, May 2, 2022 (fee $900). An application is considered filed on the date it is received by the Committee in its Administrative Office NOT the date it is postmarked.

5. When is the bar examination given?

Exam dates Exam site Results date
February 22/23, 2022 CT Convention Center in Hartford April 22, 2022
July 26/27, 2022 CT Convention Center in Hartford September 30, 2022
February 21/22, 2023 TBA TBA

6. How many times may I take the bar examination?
There is no restriction on the number of times a candidate may sit for the bar examination.

7. What is the format of the bar examination?
Effective with the February 2017 bar examination, Connecticut will administer the Uniform Bar Examination (UBE). The UBE is uniformly administered, graded, and scored by user jurisdictions and results in a portable score that can be transferred to other UBE jurisdictions. Information on the UBE.

The bar examination is a two-day examination:

Day 1:

Day 2:

8. How do I register for a bar review course?
It is the policy of the Committee not to provide information about bar review courses. You can usually obtain this information from any law school.

9. What are the recent pass rates on the bar examination?


Overall    1st Time   
Exam Date Pass Total Avg MBE Pass Total
Feb. 2012 185 279 137.47 154 189
July 2012 409 531 142.41 386 466
Feb. 2013 219 304 139.62 170 208
July 2013 366 497 142.31 344 428
Feb. 2014 199 278 135.37 167 192
July 2014 353 457 140.89 346 408
Feb 2015 148 219 134.82 123 143
July 2015 323 432 139.43 297 368
Feb 2016 126 201 132.38 98 124
July 2016 246 354 137.53 225 297
Feb 2017 82 163 131.91 57 87

July 2017

268 381 141.05 250 315
Feb. 2018 74 195 128.50 47 95
July 2018 180 327 135.08 167 240
Feb. 2019 63 158 128.71 25 53
July. 2019 182 303 137.39 166 225
Feb. 2020 46 137 128.54 23 46
Oct. 2020 270 400 NA 252 335
Feb. 2021 93 198 132.17 57 101

July 2021

214 365


200 266

10. Can I transfer a Multistate Bar Examination (MBE) score?

The CBEC does not accept transferred MBE scores. All applicants taking the bar examination in Connecticut must sit for the MPT, MEE, and the MBE in Connecticut during the same administration of the examination and will receive a UBE score. (Article V-6)

Score Transfers FROM Connecticut to Another Jurisdiction
The Bar Examining Committee may transfer MBE scores obtained in Connecticut. It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure that the transfer request form (Form 47) and the proper fee are received in the Committee’s office in time to meet the transfer deadline set by the jurisdiction to which the score will be transferred.

11. What is the passing score on the bar examination and how is it calculated?
The passing score is 266 out of a possible 400 points. A bar examination score is the sum of the applicant's MBE scaled score and Written Examination score on the MBE scale, which consists of the MPT and the MEE(i.e., the MBE counting 50%, the MPT counting 20%, and the MEE counting 30%). There is no passing score on either part alone. For example, a high score on the MBE can offset a low score on the Written Examination. Your MBE scaled score and your Written Examination score on the MBE scale are calculated to one decimal place. Your total UBE score shall be expressed to the nearest whole number..

The MPT consists of 2 ninety-minute Multistate Performance Test (MPT) questions which are scored from 0 – 7. Your MPT raw score is the sum of the scores on each question. The theoretical range of MPT raw scores is 0 – 14.

The MEE consists of six 30-minute essay-type questions which are scored from 0 - 7. Your MEE raw score is the sum of the scores on each question. The theoretical range of Essay Examination raw scores is 0 - 42.

All applicants with total scores between 256 and 265 have their Written Examination answers reread. Unless the applicant clearly demonstrates that a clerical error has been made or that the Committee's grading procedures have been violated, there is no review of the applicant's answers or scores once the results of the bar examination are released.

12. What happens after I pass the bar examination?
Passing the bar examination is only one half of the process leading to admission to the Connecticut bar. All candidates for admission also undergo an intensive character and fitness investigation. Candidates who have passed the bar examination, have completed their files in a timely manner, and have been recommended for admission to the bar will be scheduled by the Committee for an admission ceremony. Currently there is a group ceremony before the Supreme Court following each examination. The dates of the admission ceremonies, set by the Supreme Court, are generally about one month after the bar results are published. Frequently Asked Questions by New Admittees

13. How do I petition for non-standard testing on the bar examination?
If you have a disability that requires a modification of the standard testing protocols, click here for instructions and the forms.

14. How do I obtain a copy of my bar application?

July 1984 bar exam to present:  
Written request together with a CERTIFIED CHECK or MONEY ORDER for $15.00 payable to the CONNECTICUT BAR EXAMINING COMMITTEE.
Send to:  
Connecticut Bar Examining Committee
100 Washington Street, 1st Floor
Hartford, CT 06106-4411
  • Your name (including the name at the time of your application, if different)
  • SSN
  • DOB
  • Date of examination (Month/Year)
  • Where you want the copy sent
Prior to July 1984 bar exam:  
Written request to:  
State Archives
History & Genealogy Unit
231 Capitol Avenue
Hartford, CT 06106
  • Your name and address
  • Date of examination (Month/Year)
  • The History & Genealogy Unit will bill you for the cost of the copy.

15. Non-refundable fees in connection with admission to the bar:
Pursuant to Article X, the following are the fees in connection with applications for admission to the bar:

A. Application fee for admission by examination
  • (1) First filing deadline:
  • (2) Final filing deadline:
B. Application for admission by UBE score transfer $750
C. Application fee for admission without examination $1800
D. Application fee for registration as authorized house counsel $1000
E. Military Spouse Temporary Licensing
  • (a) Application Fee:
  • (b) Renewal Fee:
F. Application fee for foreign legal consultant $500
G. Petition for determination on foreign education $500
H. Investigation under Sec. 2-8(8) $50
I. Copy of prior examination answers (includes questions) $35
J. Copy of applicant's application $15
K. Copy of applicant's written answers $20
L. Confirmation of applicant's written scores $10
M. Transmittal of applicants MBE score to another jurisdiction $25
N. Replacement of examination scores and information $15
O. Replacement of admission certificate $20
All fees must be made payable to the Connecticut Bar Examining Committee by certified check or money order; personal checks are not accepted.


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