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Connecticut Bar Examining Committee
Instructions for Filing Petition for
Determination on Foreign Education

An applicant who has studied in a foreign country may qualify to apply for admission by submitting to the Committee satisfactory proof of the legal education required by Article II-3 of the CBEC Regulations.

Completion of the Educational Requirements for Admission to the Practice of Law in a Country Other than the U.S.
An applicant shall show successful completion of the educational requirements for admission to the practice of law in a country other than the United States. In order to meet this requirement, an applicant must show the following:

  • Successful completion of a period of study in a law school or schools each of which, throughout the period of the applicant’s study therein, was approved by the government or an authorized accrediting body in such country, or of a political subdivision thereof, to award a first degree in law as evidenced by the report in Article II-3(C)(i);
  • Said program of study must be substantially equivalent in duration to the legal education provided by an American Bar Association or Committee approved law school in the United States.

Completion of an LL.M. Degree
An applicant must also show successful completion of an LL.M. degree at an American Bar Association or Committee approved law school in the United States meeting the following requirements:

  • The program shall consist of a minimum of 24 credit hours (or the equivalent thereof, if the law school is on an academic schedule other than a conventional semester system) which, except as otherwise permitted herein, shall be in classroom courses at the law school in substantive and procedural law and professional skills;
  • All coursework for the program shall be completed at the campus of an approval law school in the United States, except as otherwise expressly permitted in Article II-3.
  • The program completed by the applicant shall include:
    • A minimum of two (2) credit hours in a course or course in professional responsibility;
    • A minimum of two (2) credit hours in legal research, writing and analysis, which may not be satisfied by a research and writing requirement in a substantive law course;
    • A minimum of two (2) credit hours in American legal studies, the American legal system or a similar course designed to introduce students to distinctive aspects and/or fundamental principles of United States law, which may be satisfied by a course in United States constitutional law or Federal or state civil procedure; credit earned in such a course in excess of the required two (2) credit hours may be applied in satisfaction of the requirements set forth in Article II-3(B)(iii)(d); and
    • A minimum of six (6) credit hours in other courses that principally focus on subject matter tested on the Connecticut bar examination as set forth in Article V-4.
  • The program competed by the applicant may include a maximum of four (4) credit hours in clinical courses or externships, provided that the time and effort required and anticipated educational benefit are commensurate with the credit awarded and
    • The clinical course or externship includes a classroom instructional component in order to ensure contemporaneous discussion, review and evaluation of the clinical experience or externship; or
    • The clinical work or externship is done under the direct supervision of a member of the law school faculty.

Required Documentation and Deadlines
Petitions for determination on foreign education must be made using the form below. All answers must be typed. An applicant must receive approval of his or her petition for determination on foreign education prior to filing an application for admission by examination, an application for admission by UBE score transfer, or an application for admission without examination.

The bar examination is held each year during the last week of February and the last week of July. Applicants wishing to apply for admission by examination shall file a complete petition for determination on foreign education no later than 01 November for a February exam and no later than 01 April for a July exam.

Petitions are deemed filed as of the day they are received in the Committee’s office. Please note this is NOT a "postmarked by" deadline. To be timely, the original, signed petition with required documentation must be received in the Committee’s office by the deadline. If the deadline falls on a holiday or weekend, the petition must be received by the next business day following the deadline. The Committee’s office is not open on weekends or holidays and does not receive mail on these days.

Incomplete petitions will not be considered.

To be considered complete, a petition for determination on foreign education must be filed together with ALL of the following:

  • A course by course education evaluation report for every foreign law school attendedEducation Evaluation Services List
  • Official, final transcripts from all foreign undergraduate and foreign law schools attended – Transcripts must show the dates of attendance, the courses taken, the degree awarded and the date the degree was awarded. Transcripts must be received in envelopes sealed by the issuing institution. Transcripts received unsealed must be accompanied by an affidavit (statement under oath) attesting that the transcript is the original that was received from the issuing institution and that is has not been altered, changed or otherwise modified by you or any other person.
  • Copies of all diplomas or degree certificates from all foreign undergraduate and foreign law schools
  • Official transcript from the law school at which the applicant is currently enrolled in an LL.M. program or a statement from the applicant indicating that he or she is not currently enrolled in such a program – If you have completed your LL.M. degree you may request that the LL.M. degree granting school send an official, final transcript and official course descriptions directly to the Committee for review.; If this is the case, provide a statement to that effect with your petition.
  • A certified check or money order in the amount of $500.00 made payable to the Connecticut Bar Examining Committee (personal, corporate and law firm checks are not accepted)
Documentation must be original or a copy certified directly by the issuing institution. Documentation received will NOT be returned. If any of the required documentation is in a language other than English, it must be accompanied by a translation prepared and certified by an official translator.

A completed petition for determination on foreign education together with all required documentation must be mailed to:

Connecticut Bar Examining Committee
Foreign Education Department
100 Washington Street, 1st Floor
Hartford, CT 06106

Fax and email submissions are not accepted.

The Committee shall notify the applicant of its decision in writing.

Upon receiving approval, an application for admission may be filed. Applicants for admission by examination must provide the following directly from the LL.M. granting law school not less than seven (7) days prior to the date of the examination for which the applicant has filed his or her application::
  • Official, final transcript from the LL.M. degree granting law school setting forth the date the degree was conferred and all courses taken; and
  • Copies of official course descriptions for all courses taken at the LL.M. degree granting school.


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