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  Connecticut Bar Examining Committee
July 2021 Instructions, Forms and Requirements


February 2022 Instructions & Forms

Date  Deadline
July 27, 2021 Tuesday Multistate Performance Test and Multistate Essay Examination (Article V-4, CBEC Regulations)
July 28, 2021 Wednesday Multistate Bar Examination
September 20, 2021 Monday Deadline to complete your application in order to be eligible for first group of applicants to be sworn-in
September 24, 2021 Friday Release of results
April 4, 2022 Monday Deadline to request an extension of time to complete application
May 2, 2022 Monday Application completion deadline


Form Number


Fillable PDF
1E Application 1E.pdf
2 Additional Response Page (use this form if there is insufficient space on the application to answer fully any question; photocopy as necessary.) 2.pdf
3 Amendment - (use this form to amend an answer on your application after it has been filed); photocopy as necessary.) 3.pdf
4 Certificate of Dean of Law School 4.pdf
5 Status Sheet 5.pdf
6 Application Forms Filing Checklist 6.pdf
10 Personal reference form 10.pdf
11 Employer reference form 11.pdf
12 Address labels 12.pdf
12a Residences - continuation page 12a.pdf
13 Address change labels 13.pdf
14 Summary sheets 14.pdf
15 Non-standard Testing Notification 15.pdf
16a Education - continuation page 16a.pdf
17a Employment - continuation page 17a.pdf
26a Military service 26a.pdf
Form 45a Driving Records continuation page 45a.pdf
Form 47 MBE Transfer Form (To transfer a score FROM Connecticut) 47.pdf
Form 99 Authorization to Release Medical Records 99.pdf
Affidavit Form Affidavit Affidavit
NCBE   NCBE MBE Transfer FormExternal Link

The results of the July 2021 bar examination will be available on the internet at approximately 12 noon on Friday, September 24, 2021 at https://www.jud.ct.gov/CBEC/results.htm.



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