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To look up the juris number of an attorney who has been admitted to appear pro hac vice, enter the letters PHV and a space before the attorney’s last name in the Attorney Last Name/Firm Name field. (for example, PHV Smith)



This search displays information about firms and information about attorneys admitted to practice law in Connecticut. It also tells the attorney’s licensing and disciplinary history. When you check an attorney’s license you can see if the license has ever been inactive, and why, and if the attorney has ever been disciplined for misconduct. If an attorney’s license is not active, the attorney cannot practice law until he or she is reinstated.

An attorney can have an inactive license for reasons other than discipline. A license is deactivated if the attorney is inactive due to disability (under section 2-56 of the Connecticut Practice Book), voluntarily retires, does not pay the Client Security Fund fee or is deceased. These are not discipline.

If the attorney is currently suspended, disbarred, or resigned, then the attorney’s license was taken because of serious misconduct and the attorney may not practice again unless the license is reinstated. For less serious misconduct, an attorney may be reprimanded or have conditions imposed. These sanctions are discipline for misconduct, but do not affect the status of the attorney’s license. For a complete description of grievance terms, see our Common Grievance Terms

The official record of attorneys admitted to practice law in Connecticut, as well as attorneys disciplined by the Superior Court in Connecticut, is kept by the Clerk of the Superior Court for the Harford Judicial District. The official record of attorneys disciplined by the Statewide Grievance Committee in Connecticut is kept by the Statewide Grievance Committee. The public information available through this Attorney/Firm Look-up page is compiled from those records. While every effort has been made to include all information from those records, the Judicial Branch does not guarantee that this is the complete history of an attorney’s license. For an official public disciplinary and licensing history of any attorney, contact the Statewide Grievance Committee at (860) 296-3848 or at

Decisions of the Statewide Grievance Committee imposing discipline, published after 1996, are available here: Grievance Decisions. All grievance decisions published after 1986 imposing discipline are available by contacting the Statewide Grievance Committee

For further information about attorneys with a type A juris numbers, or about attorneys permitted to appear pro hac vice (type F juris numbers with PHV in the Name column), contact the Statewide Grievance Committee at or (860) 296-3848 ; Fax: (860) 296-3847. For information about attorneys or firms with other types of juris numbers, contact Superior Court Operations at (860) 263-2734.