Statewide Grievance Committee
Statewide Bar Counsel

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The primary function of the Statewide Grievance Committee is the review and adjudication of complaints. Additionally, the Statewide Grievance Committee investigates reported overdrafts of attorneys' clients' trust accounts and takes action, where necessary; randomly audits attorney trust accounts; oversees the Roll of the more than 35,000 attorneys admitted to practice in Connecticut through the Attorney Registration process; issues certificates of good standing to the bar; overseas multi-jurisdictional practice and regulates attorney advertising.

Statewide Grievance Committee Members
Attorney Matthew G. Berger (Chair)
Attorney Alexander C. Beck (Vice Chair)
Ms. Lori Anton
Attorney Ryan P. Barry
Attorney Kevin Black
Attorney Frank P. Blando
Ms. Betsy Browne
Attorney Barry Butler
Mr. Michael Cervas
Attorney Stephanie Dellolio
Attorney John R. Donovan
Mr. Gary Farrugia
Attorney Nancy Fraser
Attorney Sara Greene
Attorney Karen Lydecker
Attorney Colin P. Mahon
Mr. Gian-Carlo Peressutti
Ms. Gail Post
Attorney John Ribas
Attorney Kate Rizzo
Ms. Barbara Veerman
Statewide Bar Counsel Staff - (860) 568-5157 - Fax: (860) 568-4953
Attorneys Extension Email
Michael P. Bowler, Statewide Bar Counsel 3362
Christopher L. Slack, First Assistant Bar Counsel 3366
Jennifer Gagosz, Assistant Bar Counsel 3022
Paul C. Jensen, Jr., Assistant Bar Counsel 3028
Elizabeth M. Rowe, Assistant Bar Counsel 3037
Juliana Guerrera, Accountant 3030
Christopher Winship, Accountant 3031