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Nuts and Bolts of Limited Scope Representation

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Episode 25 – Nuts and Bolts of Limited Scope Representation

Attorney Damon Goldstein, Caseflow Management Specialist from Judicial Branch Court Operations, explains Limited Scope Representation in Connecticut, including how it came to be, the different types of LSR and how LSR can be used by attorneys. The different types of Limited Scope Representations are: appearances, counseling, coaching and ghost writing. Appearances can be self-explanatory, but the other areas are a bit more nuanced. For example, counseling is different from coaching in that counseling is generally advisory, whereas coaching is an explanation of a procedural nature. Some examples of coaching are how to examine a witness and how to introduce an exhibit. Lastly, ghost writing is something that is not allowed in other jurisdictions, but is allowed in Connecticut with a notation that a document was prepared with the assistance of counsel.

Mike’s Rule to Remember: Don’t assume that just because there’s a self-represented party appearance that gives you the right to talk to that party about the case.

Resources from this episode:

Limited Appearance Form

Certificate of Completion of Limited Appearance

General Provisions Sections in Connecticut Practice Book:

P.B. Sec 3-8(B), and 3-9(C)

P.B. Sec 4-2(C), Ghost writing

Rules of Professional Conduct:

Sec 1.0 Definitions

Sec 1.2 (C), Scope of Representation Rule

Sec 1.5 (B) and (D) Fees

Sec 4.2 Communications with Parties Represented by Counsel

Access to Justice Commission

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