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Court Rules

Proposed Revisions to the Connecticut Practice Book

   by Zigadto, Janet

Proposed Practice Book amendments being considered by the Rules Committee of the Superior Court have been published in the latest edition of the Connecticut Law Journal. Changes to Rule of Professional Conduct 1.11 and Superior Court rules 1-22, 2-8, 2-13, 2-27, 2-27A, 2-52, 3-17, 3-19, 3-21, 4-8 (New), 16-1, 23-15, 25-32, 34a-21, 35a-12, 38-1, 38-2, 38-3, 38-4, and 38-5 have been proposed. From the notice:

Updated Probate Court Regulations Affecting Compensation for Court-Appointed Professionals

   by Roy, Christopher

This notice has been posted to the Connecticut Probate Courts website: "On January 1, 2018, regulations were updated that affect compensation for court-appointed attorneys, guardians ad litem, physicians, psychiatrists and psychologists."

The full-text of probate regulations can be found on the Probate Court Regulations page.

Connecticut Code of Evidence Revisions

   by Roy, Christopher

The revisions to the Connecticut Code of Evidence, effective February 1, 2018, are available on the court rules web page. Revisions to Commentaries are also included. The revisions were published in the Connecticut Law Journal on January 2, 2018 and a correction to the commentary to Section 8-6 (Hearsay Exceptions) was issued on January 23, 2018. New rules are listed below:

  • Sec. 4-8A. (New) Pleas, Plea Discussions, and Related Statements
  • Sec. 5-2. (New) Attorney-Client Privilege
  • Sec. 5-3. (New) Marital Privileges

Connecticut District Court Proposed Local Civil Rule Changes

   by Zigadto, Janet

The U.S. District Court of Connecticut has posted a notice regarding proposed revisions to the court's local rules. The following rules have proposed revisions:

Local Civil Rule 30 Depositions

Local Civil Rule 67 Deposit Of Funds In Court Registry

Local Civil Rule 68 Offers of Judgment and Compromise

Local Civil Rule 77.1 Entry of Orders and Judgments; Miscellaneous

Local Civil Rule 79 Docket Numbers

Local Civil Rule 80 Court Reporters

Local Civil Rule 81 Naturalization Sessions of the Court

Local Civil Rule 83.1 Admission of Attorneys

Local Civil Rule 83.2 Discipline of Attorneys

Local Civil Rule 83.3 Security for Costs

Local Civil Rule 83.5 Secrecy of Jury Deliberation and Grand Jury Proceedings

Local Civil Rule 83.6 Removal of Papers and Exhibits

Local Civil Rule 83.7 Transfer of Cases to Another District or Upon Remand to a

State Court

Local Civil Rule 83.8 Orders for Extension of Filing Record on Appeal

Local Civil Rule 83.9 Law Student Internship Rules

Local Civil Rule 83.10 Civil Pro Bono Panel (both redlined and clean copy attached)

Local Civil Rule 83.12 Auxiliary Orders

Civil Appendix Form 26(F) Report Of Parties’ Planning Meeting

Revisions to the Rules of Appellate Procedure

   by Zigadto, Janet

The Judicial Branch has posted recently adopted revisions to the Rules of Appellate Procedure, to take effect on October 8, 2017.

The amendments were approved by the Appellate Court on July 6, 2017 and by the Supreme Court on July 19, 2017. The amendments make changes to rules 62-7, 62-8A, 63-1, 66-8, 67-8, 72-2, 72-3, 79a-2, 82-5 and 82-6.

Amendments to the Rules of Appellate Procedure, effective October 8, 2017

2017 Probate Court Rules of Procedure

   by Mazur, Catherine

The Connecticut Probate Courts have posted the 2017 edition of the Probate Court Rules of Procedure. The rules became effective on July 1, 2017.

The 2017 edition includes new rules 20 and 21, which address fiduciary actions and the probate mediation panel, respectively. Please see the Probate Court's Summary of Significant Revisions to the Probate Court Rules of Procedure for more information on both the new rules and the amendments to existing ones.

Revisions to the Rules of Appellate Procedure

   by Mazur, Catherine

The Judicial Branch has posted recently adopted revisions to the Rules of Appellate Procedure, to take effect on June 15, 2017.

The amendments make mostly minor changes and clarifications to rules 61-11, 62-6, 63-4, 66-5, and 67-8.

Connecticut Practice Book - 2017 Edition

   by Roy, Christopher

The 2017 Connecticut Practice Book is now available on the court rules web page. Besides the Connecticut Practice Book, the court rules web page also links to the Code of Evidence, E-Services Procedures and Technical Standards, and Rules of Professional Conduct. The Probate Courts have a separate Probate rules web page.

District Court of Connecticut Proposed Civil Rule Changes

   by Mazur, Catherine

The U.S. District Court, District of Connecticut, has posted a notice regarding proposed revisions to the court's local rules.

The proposed revisions address e-filing of cases by attorneys, in addition to amendments to the rules on motions for extension of time and motions for reconsideration. The rules in the notice also make frequent reference to the District Court's Electronic Filing Policies and Procedures ("EFPP").

Probate Court Rules of Procedure - 2017 revisions

   by Mazur, Catherine

Revisions to the Probate Court Rules of Procedure have been approved and posted to the Probate Court's website, with an effective date of July 1, 2017.

The notice also includes a summary of significant rule changes. The revisions amend various rules on documentation and court fees, in addition to creating new provisions concerning petitions for fiduciary action and procedures for mediation.

Amendments to the Appellate Rules of Procedure

   by Mazur, Catherine

The Judicial Branch has posted a notice regarding new amendments to the Rules of Appellate Procedure:

Most of the revised rules are effective January 1st, 2017, except for the amendments to sec. 69-1 and 69-3, which are effective November 30, 2016.

The amended rules address matters such as the hours of operation for the Appellate Clerk's Office, the withdrawal of appearance by appointed counsel, and the electronic posting of dockets and assignments.

New Rule Effective January 1, 2017 - Minimum Continuing Legal Education

   by Booth, George

The new Minimum Continuing Legal Education Rule (rule 2-27A) goes into effect on January 1st, 2017. The Judicial Branch has created an MCLE webpage with the text of the rule, frequently asked questions (FAQ), information on the Commission on Minimum Continuing Legal Education, and contact information for any further questions.

Civil Procedure Research Guides

   by Roy, Christopher

The Connecticut Judicial Branch Law Libraries have a number of civil procedure research guides. These research guides link to relevant case law, court rules, and statutes. Each guide also lists available materials in our law libraries. A list of civil procedure guides is below: