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Connecticut Law About Dogs
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Connecticut Statutes
Research guide prepared by the Connecticut Judicial Branch law librarians:
  • Dog Law in Connecticut
    • Sec. 1: Control of Dogs in Connecticut
    • Sec. 2: Cruelty to Dogs in Connecticut
    • Sec. 3: Dog Injuries in Connecticut
    • Sec. 4: Dogs as Service Animals
    • Sec. 5: Dogs as Pets
    • Sec. 6: Comfort and Support Dogs for Witnesses

OLR Research Reports - Office of Legislative Research:

Animal Cruelty

Breeders and Pet Shops

Dog Bites

Domestic Animals

Policies and Ownership

Service Dogs

Connecticut Case Law

  • Auster v. Norwalk United Methodist Church, 286 Conn. 152, 943 A.2d 391 (2008). The plaintiff commenced this action against the defendant seeking damages under the dog bite statute, General Statutes Sec.  22-357, pursuant to which an owner or keeper of a dog is strictly liable for any damage caused by the dog to the person or property of another. Specifically, the plaintiff sought to recover damages from the defendant as a keeper of the dog under Sec.  22-357.

Selected Statutes:

Chapter 248. Vehicle Highway Use

Chapter 435. Dogs and Other Companion Animals. Kennels and Pet Shops

  • Sec. 22-327. Definitions.

  • Sec. 22-329. Prevention of cruelty to dogs and other animals.

  • Sec. 22-332. Impoundment and disposition of roaming, injured or mistreated animals. Authority to spay or neuter unclaimed dog. Liability for provision of veterinary care to injured, sick or diseased impounded animal.

  • Sec. 22-333. Redemption of impounded dog, cat or other animal.

  • Sec. 22-338. Licensing of dogs. Fees. Rabies certificate. Exemptions.

  • Sec. 22-339b. Rabies vaccination required for dogs and cats. Exemption from rabies vaccination. Rabies vaccination exemption certificate. Veterinarian appeal. Penalty.

  • Sec. 22-340. Town clerk to provide licenses and tags.

  • Sec. 22-341. Tag or plate to be attached to dog collar or harness. Cost.

  • Sec. 22-344b. Pet shop required to have dogs and cats examined by veterinarian. Replacement or refund. Statement of customer rights. Penalty. (2024 Supplement)

  • Sec. 22-345. License and tag for guide dogs for blind, deaf or mobility impaired persons.

  • Sec. 22-349. Unlicensed dogs. Regulations. Impoundment.

  • Sec. 22-350. Dogs as personal property. Tax exemption. Theft.

  • Sec. 22-350a. Tethering dog to stationary object or mobile device. Prohibited means. Retention of other protections afforded dogs. Confining or tethering dog for unreasonable period of time. Fines.

  • Sec. 22-351. Theft, killing or injuring of companion animal. Penalty. Liability.

  • Sec. 22-355. Damage by dog to domestic animals or poultry.

  • Sec. 22-357. Damage by dogs to person or property.

  • Sec. 22-358. Killing of dogs doing damage. Quarantine of biting dogs, cats or other animals. Notice. Seizure. Euthanasia and examination of potentially rabid animals. Complaints by persons sustaining damage by dog to poultry, ratite, domestic rabbit, companion animal or livestock. Orders. Appeals.

  • Sec. 22-362. Annoyance by dogs on highway.

  • Sec. 22-363. Nuisance.

  • Sec. 22-364. Dogs roaming at large. Intentional or reckless subsequent violation. (2024 Supplement)

  • Sec. 22-364a. Intentional or reckless release of domestic animal which causes damage.

  • Sec. 22-364b. Control of dogs in proximity to guide dogs. (2024 Supplement)

Chapter 814b. Mobility Impaired Persons

  • Sec. 46a-44. Access of guide and assistance dogs to modes of public transportation and in places of public accommodation. Intentional interference with guide or assistance dogs or trainers or blind, deaf or mobility impaired persons.

Chapter 961. Trial and Proceedings After Conviction

  • Sec. 54-86n. Appointment of advocate in proceeding re the welfare or custody of a cat or dog. Advocate's duties. Department of Agriculture to maintain list of eligible advocates.


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