Judicial Branch
Experiential Learning Program

Job Shadow Program
Job Shadow Program has been suspended until further notice

Connecticut Judicial Branch Job Shadow Program

Description of Program

The Job Shadow Program is designed to provide an opportunity for high school students to explore career interests and vocational skills by "shadowing" a Judicial Branch employee during a workday. Students are matched with a mentor at a location as near as possible to their school. To allow students ample time to explore their areas of interest and receive one-on-one instruction, we are accepting one student for each position.

Enrollment Process

The Job Shadow Program has been suspended until further notice.

  1. Submit Enrollment Form - (PDF)
  2. Enrollment forms may be completed by high school career counselors, guidance counselors, teachers or other school administrators;
  3. Please indicate what dates students are available for Job Shadowing on the form in the space provided. Dates should be at least two weeks prior to the scheduled visit;
  4. The Job Shadow date will be confirmed one week prior to the visit.

Enrollment Form

Preparation for Job Shadow Day

At least one week prior to Job Shadow Day, the Job Shadow staff may meet with the students at their school to discuss the following:

  • Overview of Judicial Branch;
  • Review of Confidentiality Statement;
  • Overview of positions to be shadowed;
  • Length of visit;
  • Confirmation date of visit and positions to be shadowed;
  • Contact information in the event of cancellation;
  • Any questions or concerns pertaining to the Job Shadow Day

School Advisor Requirements

  • School advisors or guidance counselors will recommend students interested in participating in the Job Shadow Program;
  • Schools will provide students with transportation to and from the school and work place;
  • School advisor or guidance counselor will review the Judicial Branch Dress Code with each student enrolled;
  • School advisor or guidance counselor will review the Confidentiality Agreement with each student enrolled in the Job Shadow Program;
  • School advisor or guidance counselor will submit a signed Confidentiality Agreement prior to the Job Shadow Day.

Student Requirements

  • Students are expected to arrive on time at the designated location;
  • Students are expected to be engaged and respectful of court proceedings;
  • Students are required to abide by the Judicial Branch Dress Code;
  • Students are expected to adhere to all safety and security policies and procedures of the Judicial Branch.

Helpful Hints

  • Students should plan to arrive to the agreed upon courthouse or facility on time;
  • A job shadow mentor or staff person will meet and greet the student;
  • Students will be supervised by a workplace host at all times;
  • If a student will be participating in the program during the time that school lunches are served, a student should plan to bring a brown bag lunch on the day of the program.

Confidentiality Agreement

Contact Information
Judicial Branch Experiential Learning Programs Job Shadow
E-mail: external.affairs@jud.ct.gov