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The Connecticut Judicial Branch law librarians are dedicated to providing access to quality legal resources and assistance, not only to the legal community, but also to the general public. The purpose of this Web page is to acquaint you with some of the services offered by our law libraries so that together we can better serve our community.

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Elder Law (Elder law information and forms for powers of attorney, living wills, nursing homes, housing, benefits and much more --

Connecticut Network for Legal Aid:
(Easy to read booklets about consumer, employment, family, housing, and school law. Contact information for legal assistance in civil matters to low-income persons)

United Way of Connecticut:
(Library of fact sheets on many frequently asked legal questions)

Ask a Law Librarian
(Send an email or call a law library)

Law by Subject (Self-help legal information by topic) [Index]

Research Guides (In-depth legal research guides by topic)

Connecticut Ordinances and Charters (A listing of online charters and ordinances by town)

Public Records Online (Business records, case look-up, physician profile, prisoner look-up, license verification, and much more)

Quick References for Connecticut Legal Questions

Quick References for Federal Legal Questions

Common Legal Words
(Glossary created by the Connecticut Judicial Branch)

Glossary of Connecticut Family Law Terms (Glossary created by Connecticut Judicial Branch law librarians)

Glossary of Connecticut Property Law Terms (Glossary created by the Connecticut Judicial Branch law librarians)

Understanding Connecticut Legal Citations (One-page guide that explains how to decipher citations to CT case law, statutes, and regulations)

Connecticut Treatise Index: The index organizes the Connecticut treatises available in our law libraries into thirty-three topics. Most of the treatise titles are linked to our catalog records, which show the owning libraries and provide further bibliographic information.

Electronic Resources in Our Law Libraries - Informational page highlighting the legal research databases available in our law libraries

Isn't Everything Online for Free Now? - Informational page highlighting the fact that most of the resources in our law libraries are available exclusively in print or are only available electronically through expensive databases

We offer legal research programs specifically for librarians at your library.

We also offer tours of your local Judicial Branch law library.

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We offer collection assistance, including evaluation and suggestions for law collections in your library.

law librarian can visit your library or speak with you on the phone about your law collections.

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Recent Research Guides and Law by Subject Pages





Education Related Resources
  • Law-Related Education Resources (Collection of links to online materials for teachers, librarians, and students

  • Educational Resources (Resources designed to enhance the public's understanding of the CT court system

  • Speakers Bureau
    (The Judicial Branch maintains a panel of Judges and other court officials interested in speaking to community audiences on a wide range of court-related topics.)

There are twelve law libraries located throughout the state that are staffed by professional librarians.
We are open to the public from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.

We encourage you to contact your nearest law library with legal reference questions or to request more information about our classes, tours, and collection recommendations. Suggestions for this page are welcome: Email.

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